• Fun for the whole family 1  

    Kosmos 627 928 - Wind Power (Toys)
    On walks and trips we keep coming back to so-called power over Towers (wind energy wheels). And the children kept asking after what this big thing is gigantic. When we got this set for testing the theoretical been put into practice. Papa had fun the
  • fun 36  

    CSI - The Game (Game)
    you can play alone, you just have to be creative enough! Also new cases may even be devised, why not? Clear, otherwise stop the game when the last case was solved. But you can also just start all over again ... ^^ even if you then already know how it
  • My recommendation: Everyone 10 and older  

    Knorrtoys GL7517 Glitza, Design Studio, Glitter Tattoos (Toys)
    The package content is in total alright, but unfortunately the rhinestones are downright counted on one hand. Very economical is thought here, where it would be clear that 6-year old girl (according to manufacturer recommended) even a little awkward
  • Doll furniture to fall in love  

    Goki 51951 - kitchen, 11-piece, doll house furniture (toys)
    Bought for our 5-year-old granddaughter this doll kitchen has delighted the older sister, the mother, and even the Father and the Opa. A kitchen, as we would wish. The processing is - as always with Goki - very good, the things feel good while playin
  • Funny and creative  

    Kosmos 690 892 - Knätsel - What could that be? (Toys)
    Hello There, One thing first. We really have a lot of fun with the Knätsel. Recommendation for the game: 10 years. We see relatively. This fits even younger. The rules of the game a little strange documented. Once you get the hang of, but it works ve
  • Good set for little princesses  

    Knorrtoys GL7517 Glitza, Design Studio, Glitter Tattoos (Toys)
    The scope and the workmanship is alright. The backing with its wells and the mount for the microscope is stable and can be well cleaned. The small cups are safe and applying the brushes works great. For small motifs or small details the magnifier is
  • A total of well thought out game  

    Kosmos 690 892 - Knätsel - What could that be? (Toys)
    Knätsel, a composite of the words dough and puzzles, is a game that really impressed me, because it really creates this game to challenge adults and children alike and to inspire and not to bore the former about and overtaxing the latter. Without try
  • Apparently Indestructible?!? : D  

    PLAYGO 6950 - Cookware Set, Kitchen Toys (Toy)
    Buyed 06/28/2014. Since my two boys playing with it in your children's kitchen. The products were now already 2x in the dishwasher. We have noticed neither discoloration nor changes to the product. Some dents / bumps are indeed to come. We can really
  • Something for dad and son  

    Lego 75082 - Star Wars TIE Advanced Prototype (Toys)
    Very true replica and a very entertaining toys for my son. Okay! Construction of a seven-year a very complicated story!
  • Very good primer  

    Colour Primer Skeleton Bone
    I use to paint my miniatures very many products of Army Painter. This primer is ideal because it covers very well and you can paint over it well with for example acrylic paints. In addition, you can only with the primer in conjunction with Inks / Arm
  • Chic Spidy Golfset!  

    Brigamo 30645 - Spiderman junior golf set, golf club for children, children's golf set (toys)
    Video at hello, I prefer to show the products in videos I invite times a high. There you will get everything explained and can make a better impression than just written text. If the quality should not be so well is because of Amazon (vid
  • Super for Sherlock fans  

    Winning Moves 10715 - Cluedo - Sherlock Edition Board Game (Toy)
    Well done and exactly as the original just with Sherlock elements. My godchildren are very happy and play it often.
  • Just buy it !!! 21  

    Schmidt Spiele in the footsteps of Marco Polo (Toys)
    Super Game! Is a prime candidate for the connoisseur game of the year 2015. Every game is different and there are different tactics to achieve victory.
  • In my better half failed completely  

    Kosmos 691 806 - COSMOS - Kahuna (Game)
    The game is about to occupy islands and thereby garner points in the game. Unfortunately, the ownership right to an island change by a turn. Yes, it is even possible that a number of islands change hands at one time and so the leadership of now compl
  • Must have for all Trekkies  

    Star Trek Tribble Brown Replica Plush with Sound [UK Import] (Toys)
    Super soft and comfortable material, "recognizes" friend and foe - at the neighbor is "screaming" immediately started the last visit and they finally unmasked so as Klingon - an assumption which I had long but could never prove conclus
  • Great pickup with floatable kayak  

    PLAYMOBIL 5558 - Adventure Pickup (Toys)
    Hello, enclosed my review of the product. The link to my eight minutes YouTube video can be copied in the comments. Amazon since 8.5.15 in sales it was delivered on time on the same day. Quick unpacked and assembled. There were anyway not have been s
  • Adheres to all smooth surfaces, shine the laser sword  

    Brigamo 552503 - Star Wars Puzzle as a Wall Decal for the nursery, the laser swords glow in the dark! (Toys)
    In this puzzle is a wall puzzle. All parts are self-adhesive, a film for protection is present. 45 parts are now really no great challenge, where the subject but rather is aimed at older children. The puzzle pieces stick very good, but the surface mu
  • Great complement to the horse farm  

    Schleich 42138 - games carpet Farm Life (Toys)
    Great addition to the horse farm. Good quality and nicely designed. Our daughter loves to play with it. We would buy the carpet again.
  • Great for hen parties  

    Brandy glass with chain labeled "Hen Party" for the bachelor party (Toys)
    Really great for the JGA, but quickly spills you look at the stuff fully (because the remains are indeed still in the cup). But that's clear in advance and when it pays a bit and the cup simply obliterates, nothing can happen :-)
  • But build beautiful product on smooth surfaces!  

    Brigamo 555 402 -. Disney Cars Puzzle Wiz Around, Floor Puzzle includes Lightning McQueen toy car (toy)
    Video at hello, I prefer to show the products in videos I invite times a high. There you will get everything explained and can make a better impression than just written text. If the quality should not be so well is because of Amazon (vid