• Beautiful convenient kitchen but .....  

    colorful play kitchen toy kitchen Children's kitchen with 4 hobs, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher (Toys)
    Short and sweet: Great colorful kitchen, you need a lot of patience and time to build. BUT ... we have the kitchen can set up an extra two weeks before Easter so the smell to escape. In our office was day or night a window on tilt. Now the kitchen no
  • Beautiful role, is smaller than expected, but like recorded  

    Sigikid 40609 - active role PlayQ (Toys)
    Desgin convinced totally. However, larger role is less than expected. Both in height and in length. My daughter, however, the role can practice prima Lying On and likes to play with her. Even the first wash has been through the role wonderfully.
  • Thin, fragile and sharp  

    144 gold coins (household goods)
    The coins are very thin, can be easily broken by children. What remains are sharp edges which can be easily cut. Absolutely unsuitable for any use.
  • The challenge is: The Eiffel Tower (and he is not in Paris, but in our home)  

    Brigamo 5368015 - Blocks Eiffel Tower of Paris, 978 parts, about 70 cm high, compatible with other building blocks (toys)
    In 978 blocks to the Eiffel Tower Older children and adults build so happy times with blocks. With the Eiffel Tower or not to bring a particular challenge to the house. This Eiffel Tower consists of a total of 978 blocks that look just like the Lego
  • For my sweet nephew  

    The Walking Dead TV - Daryl Dixon with Chopper (Toys)
    My nephew Daryl was born on 01/10/2015 and was named after Daryl Dixon. This great figure I gave him to be baptized! An unusual gift for baptism but it's also an unusual name! But both are cool! The workmanship is so great and so well.
  • Very nice Loom Box  

    Loom Bandz Bands Bänderset Kit XXL 3reihig Box, 12000 pcs. DIY bracelet elastics (loom incl. 12000 rubber bands, 10 charms, 96 clips and a bag of beads in practical transparent box) (Toy)
    My daughter has bought the box itself and is very happy with it. She is also very pleased with the rubber, although here and there tears talking about one, but that can sometimes happen. They find that they hold up better as some other cheap. She has
  • So you can spread joy  

    Theo Klein 8384 - Bosch Tool Case Ixolino (Toys)
    Was a gift and arrived super. So you can make children's eyes shine. Can perform all of the small craftsman needs.
  • Starter for small Glitter Queens  

    Knorrtoys GL7517 Glitza, Design Studio, Glitter Tattoos (Toys)
    This set is intended for small beginners or beginners from about 8 years, who want to take their first steps in the field of design studios. The handling is very simple. However, really there could be a little more content. And for much more than a f
  • kinda funny  

    New 6 piece Avengers superhero action figures Hulk Spiderman Batman Wolverine Thor Captain America Iron Man Set of 6 PVC dolls for collectors (Toys)
    I was about to order with these characters when I saw the price and quantity, while I do not, however, noticed something: in the description stands 6 Avengers, since when is Batman from DC Comics Marvel Avenger a ?? No further questions.
  • Ok, but that's about it ...  

    Ravensburger Ministeps 04392 - My First Smart Phone (toy)
    Hab probably expected too much of the baby mobile. It is quite thick, not as flat as "real" smartphones ". It is to me almost too quiet. May well be that it is the nerves meant, but it has no chance against all other equipment with melody,
  • Great for dolls like to have!  

    Monster High Plush figure, rag doll Draculaura, ca 25 cm tall (Toys)
    My daughter loves these dolls because they finally can take to snuggle into bed! The price is still okay! But a must for all Monster High fans!
  • A matter of taste - for the price too little features  

    Hasbro A7275EU4 - FurReal Friends Pom Pom, my baby panda, electronic pet (toy)
    The panda is cute and cuddly soft, but a bit boring and the volume can not be controlled. For the price it has enough functions.
  • Something different ... 27  

    Kosmos 692 254 - Da Luigi Legespiel (Toys)
    ... Offers "Da Luigi" at least thematically. Players assume the role of restaurateurs, for the customer - so the guest - King has to be. In other words, the most varied culinary needs must be satisfied, in which we not only have the time to
  • Old, great game in new version aufgepimpter  

    Catan - The Game Edition 2015 (Toys)
    "The Settlers of Catan" is probably one of the most popular and best-known board games. With "Catan - The Game Edition 2015" is now the "old" game in a new light. The accessories are now made of plastic but very well fin
  • meticulously crafted, high quality  

    Pocket Monsters Pokemon stuffed N-01 Pikachu (Toys)
    sooooo sweet pikachu, processed very clean, soft, cuddly, solid voluminous but still soft futter..für China relations an absolutely very good quality
  • It's worth it! 7  

    Salto Sammy - Tuning for Looping Louie (Toys)
    If you like Looping Louie, will love "Salto Sammy". Who does not know - the game by plane, which as a child I've played in the '90s. A few years ago I went to the birthday party of a school friend, when I suddenly heard the sound of a well-
  • Great book! 2  

    Lamaze 27126 - Discovery book. In this soft baby book, there is a lot to discover (Baby Product)
    Was skeptical at first whether we should order this book. First, because my little one is only 2 months old, and secondly, because one test / attack indeed can not, in order to know whether crackles and each page or other noise has and feels pleasant
  • Delivery time too long, battery is not strong enough.  

    Andoer 4 charger dock / charging station + 4 Battery for Wii Remote Controller (Toys)
    The delivery time takes time just over 2 weeks totally unsatisfactory. With 2800mah I imagine that last longer than 3-4 hours. Because I come with normal Battarien longer by the day. For comparison give other sellers about 700mAh and there is up to 5
  • Small Knuffig Minions ;-)  

    Minions set of 3 - Plush Minions Carl, Stuart & Dave (Toys)
    Video at hello, I prefer to show the products in videos I invite times a high. There you will get everything explained and can make a better impression than just written text. Otherwise, send figures that look great and are soft at that.
  • Stable, good for children, exciting ..  

    Roba 98820 - parking garage, game world (Baby Product)
    Our little one is enthusiastic - and so are also wirs. High-quality and very stable. By building and not easily navigated which promotes the coordination of hands and movements. We can highly recommend it.