• Beautiful horse Schlech  

    Schleich 42111 - competition rider (Toys)
    Personally, I am very satisfied with the Schleich figurines. I find them very accurate and suitable for all ages. Clear with small parts not, but the animals themselves can touch good and you can play with it well. My daughter loves Schleich animals
  • Courage to Think  

    Kosmos - Sophie's World (Game)
    I enjoyed the opportunity very much to convey one's own philosophical idea about a subject in one minute to the other participants. I was impressed with how creative can be people who know nothing of philosophy history. If one understands the game as
  • Great toy for ages to come!  

    VTech 80-124904 - Tut Tut Baby Flitzer - Garage (Toy)
    We have paid the garage of our youngest daughter, aged one year and 10 months, since she loves everything that has to do with cars and what makes music: Here, then, for us the best combination! Since then, it plays continuously in order and has even
  • Very nice play mat  

    Farm / riding Spielmatte (play mat) for the nursery - Dimensions: 150 x 100 cm - Accessories suitable for Schleich, Papo, Bullyland, Playmobil, Lego, Siku, Britains, fashion toys, etc. Wiking (Toys)
    The carpet has a very nice size and is also washable. My daughter uses it for their Schleich figures. Ideal for ...
  • Expensive piece of wood  

    Mathematical Holzwürfel (Toys)
    On the matter itself there is nothing wrong, everything works fine. The price of about 50, however, is usury !!!! If you're looking for a little more you can get the product for half. Disappointing such a rip off ....
  • very funny! 1  

    Drinkopoly - party game with a variety of tasks drinking (Toys)
    Super funny! We played it to six and it was funny dice each time! Simple rule. Nothing sophisticated, just play only a fun party!
  • We hit  

    Hasbro 90020E25 - PLAY-DOH kneader (Toys)
    That got our children at Christmas and has since become a hit when we knead. All kids love it and it is sometimes even arguing who it would be allowed to use first :-) The small bars with the individual motives are pushed into a Schienenvorichtung an
  • Beautiful accessories from Schleich  

    Schleich character Riding Course (Toys)
    Find this accessories from Schleich very nice. There is not a thin plastic, but nice stable ... My daughter loves to play with it ...
  • Nice Dice  

    Pegasus Games 23605906 - cube, Gem: Clear, 36er Set in acrylic box (toy)
    Have the dice get paid and I find them very beautiful. As always in a practical container, so as soon comes none lost. The image to which moved the previous reviewer was now replaced.
  • Comment on the kit of the doll's house  

    Pebaro 880 - dollhouse with furniture (toys)
    The dollhouse parts are very bad pre-punched break partially disassembled during removal and can be put together does not always fit. Children can make the assembly by no means alone.
  • Well .... you can do times  

    Quartet QUAI001 - shit Quartet (Toys)
    What should I write this much .... :) The game does not take itself too seriously, it should be clear for the purchase :) We have indulged in this fun in our club, one probably played it 4-5 times and since then it is rum. These games few times we ha
  • great toy for kids and adults  

    yoony - plush toy turtles yoony (Toys)
    The Yoony came the day after the order. Super nice soft toy, very good quality. I am very pleased and will also appoint another Yoony. Great gift idea for the birth, birthday, etc.
  • Some very tiny stones  

    Hobby Line 49643 - Gemstones Set Sweet Dreams (Toys)
    The gemstones were delivered quickly and look great, large and small shapes. For a child's birthday my 5 year old daughter just right for crafting. For younger children, I would not necessarily recommend since the small triangles are really tiny beca
  • Cheap scrap  

    WW Mini Roboraptor (Toys)
    I got the Roboraptor for Christmas and was very happy about it, because I love robots. I can mess around at him and he looks chic enough to put him on the shelf. Only the advertised running function is good for nothing and you have to buy an extra tw
  • Good for the price 2  

    High quality pirate tricorn hat Brown (Toys)
    no more, no less. Unfortunately, he does not adhere to the 'normal' head shape, but is a bit too round. He sits with me (my hat size is 56) is too loose. If I wear a bandana under it, it fits
  • Successful strategy game for beginners  

    Kosmos 692 438 - of dragons and sheep, card game (toy)
    A very successful game strategy for beginners. So makes sheep collect fun. The drawings are super cool and the card very stable.
  • Great puzzle game with function  

    Ravensburger 00524 - TipToi: Experience Zoo-Puzzle (Toy)
    As before all of TipToi - SUPER! Although our 4 jahriger still needed a bissal help with anything but otherwise great! Every time you do that game (monkey looking), these at different locations. Fun for the whole family (Mom and Dad have it in the ev
  • In literally the flagship of the new "Pirates" series  

    Lego 70413 - Pirates Big pirate ship (Toys)
    This set is, stands the flagship of the new Pirate theme in every sense of the word with the Lego 2015 Lake. The first publication wave includes five models with the numbers 70409 to 70413th Parallel also appeared a matching pirate chess (40158), is
  • without color  

    Revell Model 07070 - Trabant 601 universal in scale 1:24 (Toys)
    I did not know that because the colors are not. Since I was little disappointed n. But all in all really cool thing!
  • pretty hard, but not perfect  

    Castorland C-400102-2 - Naval Battle, Puzzlee 4000 teiligle, Classic Puzzle (Toy)
    It is a pity that the puzzle exactly halfway through the punch has a small offset, but the great pressure and the really elaborate motif make up for it all. the large panorama format brings small tables quickly adjoin hers and is due to the enormous