• Total cost  

    Relax Days drinking game party fun party game Roulette (Eyewear)
    It is rather a funny idea that would work as well but what you expect from a product for so little money. Worth doing the whole but if you still need shot glasses.
  • Quality control for outsourced customer?  

    HUDORA 14695/01 - Big Wheel GS 205 (Toys)
    It may be assumed that the quality control has been outsourced to the customer. The first scooter I got delivered had back and forth a clear eight (wheels go about 3 to 5 mm back and forth and do not run perfectly straight). Then I sent the scooter b
  • Unfortunately missing the short Lines  

    Green Lines (Toys)
    To build the Bravais lattice there was a set with even shorter "Green Lines". These are unfortunately not included, which was not apparent as the description. Therefore, I am quite disappointed. I have now again ordered the other set that unfort
  • Cups Frozen  

    Disney Frozen The Ice Queen Set of 2 Olaf coffee mug and lunchbox (Toys)
    Everything Was Great. Beautiful cups, ideal for the nursery. Our daughter loved it and that's the most important.
  • Tactical Action in the galaxy far, far away  

    Star Wars - Imperial Assault (Toys)
    With IMPERIAL ASSAULT now the next, long-awaited board game in the series of settled in the well-known Star Wars games by Fantasy Flight Games has been submitted. Playful IMPERIAL ASSAULT is in principle similar to example Hero Quest, Advanced Space
  • Really cozy and very soft  

    XXL giant plush dog - about 80 cm tall - Teddy Bear plush toy plush cuddly dog ​​knows plush Sweety Toys (Toy)
    Was a gift and was very well received. Quality good. Really cozy and very soft. Would I buy again at any time.
  • Super long queue ...  

    Snake Boa plush green black (Toys)
    The snake got our son to their 6th birthday and was thrilled. Of course you had to deal with the same kindergarten and even there, it was a hit. She is nice and long and really soft. Thus strong buy recommendation from us!
  • Well done ... 2  

    The Walking Dead TV - Daryl Dixon with Chopper (Toys)
    Since me even like the bike ... Not exactly but in cardboard cutout quite nice to look at Small figure ... (approx. 12 cm) the details ... I do not have the skull on the tank ... Heard that should be a misprint and even blatant prices for saw up to 5
  • Finally the second series  

    LEGO Minifigures: The Simpsons Series 2 (Toys)
    Lego sets on the 2nd series of The Simpsons collectible figurines. Once again, enter 16 inhabitants of Springfield honor that are 5 Simpsons course back to full strength at the start. Homer and Marge in Valentines Dress, the girls with Santa's Little
  • Good figure, as always, as nearly always cardboard :-(!  

    Rick Grimes Supreme Action Figure 25 cm (toys)
    As was the rest of the gang is part of me figure this a must in the collection !! Is completely Collectible and nicely presented ... Here Again a small corner in a box that looks something ugly. Therefore, there is of me also once again a star deduct
  • rough appearance, but good quality of parts  

    Castorland C-300365-2 - Twilight at Wood Green Pond, 3000 pieces, Classic Puzzle (Toy)
    The pressure acts through the canvas look very rough and not as bright as expected, but still good quality of the parts.
  • My favorite motif  

    Schipper 9260435 - Paint by Numbers, Taj Mahal, 80 x 50 cm (toys)
    I am experienced Malan after figures painter and that's my favorite subject. Great colors, small and large areas, beautiful motive. Again, customary good Schipper quality and service.
  • Order necessarily equal a Nerf Blaster Elite together  

    Hasbro A0351148 - Nerf N-Strike Elite Darts Refill 30 (Toys)
    Who really takes seriously the Elite blasters in the "Nerf War", should not skimp and interesting products at least one 30-pack Elite Darts. While lying in all Darts blasters, but that of course is not enough and only for a charge. Furtherm
  • 10 months old boy  

    Chicco Baby's cameraphone (Baby Product)
    .... On the phone every day now. Much play opportunities. Price is reasonable. Eleven words, what should I write everything? Managed, thanks.
  • Scrap 56  

    WW Mini Roboraptor (Toys)
    I got the Roboraptor for Christmas and was very happy about it, because I love robots. I can mess around at him and he looks chic enough to put him on the shelf. Only the advertised running function is good for nothing and you have to buy an extra tw
  • Sweet and larger than expected  

    # 30 Gift Set:. Lucky pig, chocolate thumb lever 100 gr ### (Toys)
    The pig came relatively quickly and looks very cute and soft. I would not have the size expected, thought it would be smaller. My sister was very happy about the testing for good luck. The chocolate is a beautiful beige Schenk.
  • Electronic pal with small drawbacks  

    Zoomer - Interactive pet! (Toys)
    Zoomer is a funny little guy who's moved in with us. He understands a lot of commands, and can also act independently. Nevertheless, he has some weaknesses. He needs to be recharged every 2 hours, and the charging cable only fits into a USB connector
  • Like the others ... only with NEM kink in Pappteil :-(  

    The Walking Dead TV VI - Carol Peletier (Toys)
    This is not about me at all representation of FIG probes just about the series to complete ... Who knows ... Small figure, not always so very nice details (as with almost 12 cm figure ?!) but otherwise all ok ... As with all other figures also this l
  • What collectors' hearts  

    LEGO Atlantis special character Haiwächter with Lego Atlantis magazine I (Toys)
    This Lego Atlantis special figure beat the collector's heart beat faster. Like all parts of Lego, and this special character is very well made In any case, it's fun to collect them. The colors are very strong and well regarded. There are no rough edg
  • Beautiful colorful puzzle mat ideal game pad  

    36 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle mat carpet mat game for children 86-Piece Set (Toy)
    The puzzle mat exactly fulfill their purpose and have nice bright colors. We have a few are as a game pad for our little one on the laminate. When times more children come to visit, a few are still there just built and already can start playing. With