• Panda 1  

    Schleich 14664 - Giant Panda (Toys)
    Super purchase gladly again ... As shown, my son loves Schleich animal. I can only recommend like for each of the animals.
  • Cool Flip Phone  

    Brigamo 305103 - Disney Planes children mobile, learning fun toy mobile phone with various features and sounds (Toys)
    Phones attract toddlers often magically. At least that's my experience. It is better, of course, with a toy to Cell Phone Calls. For little boys this clamshell is offered by Disney Planes. I find this mobile phone model to expand and collapse of part
  • Very satisfied 25  

    DeLonghi Entkalker EcoDecalk mini Sparpack 10x 100ml for coffee machines, coffee makers - No .: 5513292821 Nokalk (Toys)
    Super price, gladly again. Decalcified our DeLonghi very good. A little tip to save money, we ask to collect the "descaler wastewater" always our kettle under, so there are two clean equipment :-)
  • My ...  

    Spiderman 30cm Super Soft Plush Doll Original Movie Marvel Comic Heroes High Quality (Toys)
    Daughter loves him !!!!! Quality could be a bit higher for the price, but on such merchandising the brand owners want yes bekanntlicher as enrich ... we're finally own fault! :)
  • Dice Workerplacment game for 2-4 players, ages 12+ by Daniele Tascini and Simone Luciani.  

    Schmidt Spiele in the footsteps of Marco Polo (Toys)
    The players are traveling as companions of Marco Polo with him on his long journey and visit exceptional cities and lead this lucrative contracts by. By skillful acting they obtain privileges and other benefits and so increase gradually their score t
  • Z Wind Ups, water toys, bath toys  

    Z Wind Ups, water toys, bath toys, turtle "Topaz" for pulling (Toys)
    My little one had a blast with it until it was broken (Baden to 1x) and I myself have brought up the toy and can swim. And I'm not Grobmotoriker !!!! ; O)
  • Beautiful kitchen with a small but ...  

    Roba 98207 - Spielküche, natural (Baby Product)
    First, the small But: The oven door does not close properly and bangs thus playing (at each minor shake-down on the ground). Therefore, we had to install a magnet. Otherwise, the kitchen is very nice!
  • For witnesses and close friends a top idea !!!  

    52 Postcards wedding -. PORTOFREI possible including wedding book for FREE - Postcards Wedding Set of 52 cards for the wedding. Wedding games with cards for guests and newlyweds. 52 weeks cards with heart motif (Toys)
    We are just at the age where there is to celebrate every year between 2 to 5 weddings. As this wedding book was just right with the postcards. From a processing perspective, both the book and the 52 postcards can look very sophisticated. The idea beh
  • Pokémon plush toy: # 701 - Resladero  

    Pokemon XY stuffed animal stuffed animal plush figure plush toy: XYN-17 Resladero / Hawlucha (20 cm) (Toy)
    Let's see what the Pokédex says about this article: "Resladero -.. The plush Pokémon When Resladero is the number 701 of the national Torchic It comes from the Kalos region and is based on a wrestler and a bird of prey. The dimensions of this plush a
  • Funny dolls, but could be more flexible  

    Small Foot Company 2955 - Biegepüppchen 6 Friends Set (Toy)
    My child (2.5 years) like dolls because each wearing a different robe. They are soft and easily pliable, but could be more flexible. If one raises his hands, they quickly lose the garment or an arm "tumbled" out suddenly.
  • A little small, the feet ...  

    Rubies 2nd Skin Spiderman costume (Toys)
    ... But since then I have that thing and regular wear as evening wear, the crime statistics is extremely decreased and increased according to the rate of unemployed police officers in my hometown!
  • Product ok, delivery took a long time  

    15g table confetti Red Heart Wedding (Toy)
    I chose for this article to decorate our party favors at our wedding. The price I find unbeatable compared to the retail trade. Unfortunately, the delivery took more than a week, since as I have learned from contact with the seller, the delivery will
  • Since brings back memories ... 1  

    Piko 57111 - H0 Starter Set with freight train steam locomotive (Toys)
    ... On my very similar was not yet called a starter (almost half a century!). But that was even then in the locomotive and the cars is at least as good Qualtät, the electrical system and the tracks were of course far more primitive and the power supp
  • Very nice napkins  

    Party Napkins Number 1 Balloon Design 20 St. Birthday Decoration Party Napkins (Toys)
    Gaudy beautiful colors, ideal for decorating on the first birthday table, could be a bit bigger, but use completely fulfilled.
  • Bath toys, water toys, frog  

    Bath toys, water toys, frog for raising "Phil" (Toys)
    My little one had a blast with it until it was broken (Baden to 1x) and I myself have brought up the toy and can swim. And I'm not Grobmotoriker !!!! ; O)
  • Beautiful stacking tower for the little ones  

    HABA 300170 - Stack Lighthouse game (Baby Product)
    The HABA-Stabel-Leutturm we paid our little first birthday. He really is perfect as the first batch game, because the different parts are provided with the small cones and the tower so that it does not fall too fast. Quality is beyond doubt. Upset co
  • Supertop, for the money and for the children's age, the best Kindernähmaschoine that there  

    6020398 - Sew Cool, Electronic Toys (Toy)
    The device does not cost much (about 40.- Euros) seems to be absolutely safe for children and the children think they would sew properly, which I find absolutely amazing and would buy the device at any time !!
  • Lieblingsspeilzeug  

    Oball 28113 - rattle about 10 cm (sort - Color not freely selectable) (Baby Product)
    The Oball is absolutely outrageous. Had learned as my little boy grip, he could take the ball through the Wabenstrucktur super lightweight in the hand. Much easier than the normal Greifring.Und he also rattles still :-) I can only recommend to anyone
  • Inferior quality 3  

    Black submarine KK-14 Black Submarine (Toys)
    The submarine is of very cheap quality. The stern rudder are grossly attached with hot glue, there are big chunks of glue. The cover is not waterproof, so you may not the submarine submerged, but can be just like a ship go up. There is no switch on a
  • Play Doh with glitter for fans a must  

    Hasbro A5417EU4 - Play-Doh modeling clay Glitter (Toys)
    What can you say still great to Play Doh? The Glitter dough is a must for any fan of as intense as our daughter (3) every day tinkering with plasticine. To decorate or simply make it yourself a great thing. I can only recommend