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  • Very good Minibeamer with WiFi and battery  

    Philips PicoPix3610 Pocket Projector (1080p, Contrast Ratio 1000: 1, WLAN, USB) (Electronics)
    I was looking for a small tranportablen Beamer, which can be operated with a rechargeable battery as possible and should be transported with my pocket easily. In question came: Tbright X100 (100 lumens) Aiptek V150W (150 lumens) Acer K137 (700 lumens
  • Unfortunately, too slow! 1  

    Samsung BD-H6500 3D Blu-ray player (UltraHD upscaling, Wi-Fi, Smart TV) (Electronics)
    This player complies with all applicable requirements for your Blu-Ray player you can have so, but is very slow. Especially when compared with others in the same price range of player cuts but from more than bad. Then I go below then specifies: Proce
  • Joke?  

    Philips 22PFL3507H / 12 56 cm (22 inch) LED backlight TVs (Full HD, DVB-T / C, CI +, Smart TV (Youtube and DLNA)) (Electronics)
    I am concerned as everyone else here, too, the TV no longer does not respond to the remote control (when switching on), as well on the side buttons on the device. Pull the plug then a few times press but at the moment is sufficient even to revive him
  • Apple TV is a Streamingbox the Apple universe!  

    Apple TV MD199FD / A (3rd Generation, 1080p) black (Personal Computers)
    When I read the reviews here, I wonder if the people who are negatively assessed this box Apple haters or just info ming what the box can not and what is not. Each of an Apple product uses know that he can not play any format, he lives with it, if no
  • High Low High Low  

    Yamaha YSP-1400 sound projector with Bluetooth 5.1 and App Control (Electronics)
    We now have no ambitions to fill the parlor with the sound of a movie theater, so we decided for another reason for a sound projector. The reason is that the dialogues heard in many films hardly while the sounds and effects are deafening. So one of u
  • Good, but "Curved" is for feet  

    Samsung UE48H6870 121 cm (48 inches) Curved 3D LED-backlit TV (Full HD, 600Hz CMR, DVB-T / C / S2, CI +, Wi-Fi, Smart TV, HbbTV) (Electronics)
    positive: -good picture -Good TV tuner, fast switching -Smart Functions QuadCore also quickly -good FB -Nice appearance, no crows Stand -Bewegungsdarstellung Also OK, little pixels or jerkiness -good, fleet menu -very fast wireless -Good 3D represent
  • Very good and cheaper (living) cinema projector  

    BenQ W1070 + 3D home theater DLP projector (Full HD 1920x1080 pixels, 2,200 ANSI lumens, contrast 10.000: 1, 2x HDMI, MHL, vertical lens shift) White (Electronics)
    At first we had two W1070 bought (without plus) on the Amazon Warehouse Deals. Unfortunately we had to find but with two problems. At the first W1070 there was a problem with the white balance and color errors. At the Second had immediately after del
  • Not bad but nothing great!  

    Apple TV MD199FD / A (3rd Generation, 1080p) black (Personal Computers)
    Looks pretty. Is easy to operate. BUT It can be awkward to install things. Some media content will not be given back and it zerschießt me constantly my WLAN. Therefore, the box went sadly back.
  • Incomprehension of criticism, very satisfied  

    Philips 65PUS9809 164 cm ((65 inch display), LCD TV) (Electronics)
    So since my 9903H Aurea has come in the years I have held out for a successor. It was the 9809. 4-sided Ambilight was a prerequisite. The software is the current (119.49, was 03.29.2015). With the performance and the function I have no problems, only
  • Massive, according to ... Full past the needs of the German market ...  

    LG OM5542 Hifi (400 Watt, CD, Radio, Bluetooth, USB, MP3, WMA) (Electronics)
    First, to specify at Amazon, because here is also CD with it. This product contains "no" CD player. ==================== In the packaging I've had to be surprised. The device weighs on the 16KG and the manufacturer recommends the packaging
  • Bombastic for this compact design  

    Sony HT-XT1 SoundBase speakers (170 watts, NFC, Bluetooth, built-in subwoofer) (Electronics)
    Sony HT-XT1 SoundBase speakers (170 watts, NFC, Bluetooth, built-in subwoofer) black Although I have a THX 5.1 sound system, which of course plays out very different strengths, but the Quakers in the flat LED TV this Soundbase surpasses still far! On
  • Good 55 inch TV  

    Grundig 55 VLE 822 BL 140 cm (55 inches) 3D LED-backlit TV (Full HD, 200Hz PPR, DVB-T / C / S2, 4x HDMI, 2x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0) (Electronics)
    Basically I have 2 points of view on this TV. View 1 is the normal end user. I snatched the TV off a deal of the day for 499. For the money I get a Smart TV with high functionality. If, after initial start-up the settings a bit, we get a very soft, p
  • Beser not  

    Philips Bluetooth stereo adapter AEA2000 / 12 for a wireless playback from the smartphone / tablet on your hi-fi system (Electronics)
    I forgive for this device only two stars. I wanted only awarded only one star. But I give one more for the processing and design. The remaining three stars are missing, because the unit does not gain a hearing enjoyment, and this is particularly impo
  • Top Receiver 1  

    Edision OptimusS Underline 3 in 1 digital DVB-S2 HDTV satellite receiver (USB, 1x WiFi, FullHD) (Electronics)
    great part, wonderful reception power, bit long on time, very getting used device, but if everything is set up, it works great, real buy recommendation
  • strong buy recommendation 1  

    LG 3D Blu-ray BH7540TW 5.1 home theater system (1200 Watt, Ultra HD upscaling, Wi-Fi, Smart TV, Bluetooth, wireless rear speakers) (Electronics)
    We are very satisfied with the system. The volume is so loud that would be set to turn on no more music the neighbors ....: D
  • The price speaks for itself!  

    LG BH6540T 5.1 3D Blu-ray home theater system (1000 Watt, 1080p upscaling, Bluetooth, Smart TV, Internet Radio, Spotify) (Electronics)
    After our Samsung home theater system was defective, we bought this home theater system from LG. For sound: The overall sound is flat, the booming bass. Music playback via USB or smart phones is not fun, because the sound is too bad. Loading times an
  • 4 stars for the device - 1 star for the ... where's the package?  

    Toshiba 22L1334G 55 cm (22 inch) TV (Full HD, twin tuner) (Electronics)
    The seller sends the unit up only in its original packaging with address adhesive d'WITHOUT overpack. It seems to be completely regardless of whether the unit takes damage during transport or to him. Totally carelessly! Because some functions, the de
  • Amazon and Bose = good interaction  

    Bose ® Bluetooth ® SoundLink ® speaker III (Electronics)
    A long time I've been thinking back and forth. Have at home a Bose Acoustimass 25 Series 2, you will be amazed and still works. Now the wireless portable variant, and very satisfied. Coupled with the Nokia 1320 and going. As expected a final herovrra
  • Good alarm clock with Macke  

    DITALIO CR2 DAB + / FM Clock Radio (Electronics)
    After study of recessions and a positive (for me) in response to a question for this I have gained with the little black here. When he arrived and was unpacked took me only times the eingeditschte corner of the actual radio package (not the shipping
  • Recommended bag, but compared to many good notebook bags at the upper price limit  

    Denon BAG200DSBEM pocket for Envaya DSB200 speakers (Electronics)
    Perfect fitting case that is made of neoprene and a good protection against scratches, eg when transporting the speakers in a backpack provides. It is not particularly thick, so it can protect from the outside only on light to medium pressure. A zipp