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  • Price / performance is Super  

    LG 3D Blu-ray BH7540TW 5.1 home theater system (1200 Watt, Ultra HD upscaling, Wi-Fi, Smart TV, Bluetooth, wireless rear speakers) (Electronics)
    Construction is very good, great sound. Price / performance is super. Visually, the yellow membrane is a matter of taste, I think it looks good, something different.
  • Ingenious Design, Best Sound, what more could you want?  

    Sony HT-XT1 SoundBase speakers (170 watts, NFC, Bluetooth, built-in subwoofer) (Electronics)
    I'm not the type of a "Sound Channels" from the left, right, front, back needs up and down. To me it suffices to optimize more or less, for improvement sound of my TV. In addition, I live in an apartment building and would like to thank you
  • Light and shadow are here close together - only conditionally recommended  

    Hisense LHD32K220 80 cm (32 inch) LED backlight TV (HD Ready, 100Hz SMR, DVB-T / C / S2, LITE SMART, Anyview, WiFi, CI +) (Electronics)
    My review is from the TV with 32 inches / 81cm screen diagonal, the only one of the K220 series only has a HD Ready display. In the table the article description is indeed implied that the whole K220 series FullHD has, but that's not true. In additio
  • Small and beautiful 2  

    Grundig Micro 61 Compact Radio pocket-sized silver / gray (Office supplies & stationery)
    I've bought it for a long bus or train travel and am happy with it. The reception and dei playback quality are neat. Of course, the transmitter must be re-vote on such Verwndung every now and then.
  • Samsung's new pricing policy  

    Samsung UE32J6350 80 cm (32 inches) Curved LED backlight TVs (Full HD, DVB-C / T2 / S2, CI +, Wi-Fi, Smart TV, HbbTV) (Electronics)
    The curved UE32J6350 has an excellent image, subjectively somewhat better than in the models of H-series and conveys while looking really a slight spatial effect. Whether the curved model is worth the additional cost, everyone must decide for themsel
  • great device when the TV sounds a little weak  

    Philips HTL4110B / 12 Soundstage speakers with integrated subwoofer (Bluetooth, NFC, Dolby Digital, EasyLink) (Electronics)
    The new living room my girlfriend her TV suddenly sounded very weak and tinny, and so we started to look for a sound bar or something like that. In the search I came across the predecessors of this device and after a short search I saw that There is
  • HiFi headphones / microphone impossible for best sound enjoyment on the PS4?  

    FiiO E17 USB DAC Alpine Portable Headphone Amplifier (3.5 mm Stereo Jack Black) (Electronics)
    TOP product. Works flawlessly 4. worlds better than any headset and worlds better than this mix of Astro Amp with my AKG K701 headphones and a separate microphone to the Playstation.
  • Price / Performance Top 1 63  

    LG BP240 Blu-ray player (HDMI, 1080p upscaling, USB) (Electronics)
    Small, compact device. Working quickly and quietly. Upscaling works pretty well. Sufficient equipment for little money. In this price range absolutely recommendable.
  • Outstanding image quality and technology!  

    Panasonic VIERA TX-55CXW704 139 cm (55 inch) TV (Ultra HD, 4K Smart, 800Hz BMR, 3D, Triple Tuner, DVB-S / T / C) Silver (Electronics)
    In 2009 I bought my first Full HD TV with "huge" 40 inch, 2012 followed by a 46 inch and 50 inch 2013. At the time I was always safe; "Bigger is not necessarily ..." and also in terms of the resolution; "More than Full HD - w
  • The best Blu-ray player in this price range!  

    LG BP240 Blu-ray player (HDMI, 1080p upscaling, USB) (Electronics)
    For the price of around 50 you really can not go wrong! The LG brand I trust always and never had any problems with the equipment - on the contrary! What can you say about the great art? The player does what it should and delivers what is promised he
  • Great price 1  

    Samsung UE32J5550 80 cm (32 inch) LED backlight TVs (Full HD, DVB-C / T2 / S2, CI +, Wi-Fi, Smart TV, HbbTV) (Electronics)
    Was surprised over price 275 Euro.Wollte still a buy for the price. Was no longer possible 499.- for the price. Fast Delivery. I thank you for it.
  • It all fits together  

    Creative Sound Blaster Roar SR20A Portable Bluetooth Speaker (NFC function / AAC / aptX, 5 drivers, integrated subwoofer) (Electronics)
    Appearance: well done, even with the optional bag (case), available directly in the Creative Store (not Amazon). Sound: Just great, full, rich sound, both in the hills and in the basses. Volume: I will most likely never be able to exhaust. Did it onc
  • Long, buying never looked back into operation!  

    LG Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer NB3530A 2.1 (300 Watt, USB) (Electronics)
    How many concerned the increase of the sound experience of my rather flat-chested SmartTV me. Important purchase criterion here were the many connectivity and the wireless subwoofer. To my body: I have a wall-mounted television, among which takes on
  • Not recommended in the second generation  

    Libratone ZIPP WiFi / Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (AirPlay, Bluetooth, DLNA, WiFi) black pepper (Electronics)
    The new version provides Zipp except Bluetooth nothing really new that the old Zipp, which is available on the market for more than 2 years has not even offered. The sound is equally bad remained as before. The Libratone Zipp sounds neither quiet nor
  • I respect all the nagging. Of sound formats do not understand .....  

    Sonos Playbar: TV Soundbar and Wireless speaker for music streaming (wireless controllable with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle, Android), black (Electronics)
    Hello everybody! I read the reviews at intervals to Playbar and can frankly the whole hue and cry about missing audio formats do not understand - often accompanied by poor rating. Nowhere in the SONOS description I can read that is provided DTS. Rath
  • Very good, except for the own supplied boxes  

    LG FA168 Micro Compact system (160 Watt, CD, Radio, USB, Bluetooth, MP3, WMA) (Electronics)
    After I found that there's this system in a DAB version, it was initially intended for the bedroom. Unfortunately, the sound of the speakers is not as optimal as one of the reviewers noticed already. The plant is now replaced in the living room to an
  • I have not looked me this excellent device zuhaben bought very recommendable  

    Samsung BD-H8909S HD recorder with twin tuner and 3D Blu-ray Player (1TB HDD, UltraHD upscaling, 2x DVB-S, 2x CI +, Wi-Fi, Smart TV) (Electronics)
    Is very good flawless picture and very good reproduction image and Ton.Die switch to television or playback is done properly without stutter or lag.
  • Dolles Ding  

    Panasonic DMP-BDT700EG 3D Blu-ray player (Miracast, 2x HDMI, wireless LAN, SD card slot, DLNA, USB) (Electronics)
    Hello, so I am fully satisfied with the player. It's incredible what the device even rausholt from DVD. Better With Blu Ray picture and clearer sound. Running noise zero after reading. Only one thing I have found DVD + RW he dislikes. Invariably reco
  • good sound 1  

    Muvid IR 715-2 Stereo internet tuner (LC display, FM tuner, Wi-Fi / Ethernet connector) (Electronics)
    The part has a good sound, I think. Well, the preset keys and the possibility of connection to LAN and WLAN. The operator menu is not so much good and in the media playback from USB flash drives or hard drives simply gräßlilch. Reason: you always hav
  • Good sound, lovely area, many possibilities  

    Philips HTB3550G / 12 5.1 Home Theater System (1000 watts RMS, 3D Blu-ray, Smart TV Plus, Bluetooth) (Electronics)
    The facility is great. Great sound, great bass, easy operation. The plant lies build very easily. The cables in the feet to hide proved not too schwierieg, easily possible. Lay the cable and plug into the existing sockets, was not problematic. One pr