Cheap 25x70 with unique - for astronomy

Cheap 25x70 with unique - for astronomy

SkyMaster 25x70 binoculars (optional)

Customer Review

The SkyMaster 25x70 came quite well collimated to, is lighter than indicated, namely 1300g (binoculars alone), and can also be made free hand use, better nat. propped and observations in the real sense, it must clearly on a tripod (so also designed). The resolution gain in aufgestützem Watch is considerable compared to a medium-sized binoculars - that despite higher jitter. You get quite a lot for relatively little money, so my assessment. The field of view is probably not to or even greater than 65 °, but just under 60 ° it could be and that is the face of reasonable Eye relief is not bad, as eyeglass wearers have to accept only small Sehfeldeinschränkungen. The soft eyecups let down flaps very comfortable. The compensation seems neat, though not very well. Apart from the multi-coated lens (green / purple) shimmer to further inward referring bluish reflections (not intense white), what I as a single payment of additional lenses and prisms (so rather not untempered) interpret. That's not bad, because even today single remuneration can not compare well with much older. The Okularbrücke is reinforced towards the 15x70 models. The focus is sluggish, unauthorized adjustment of the focal position you do not have more fear, the thread is flat enough (supposedly rotate 360 ​​°). The minimum focusing distance is, as you can imagine, there enormously far, further than indicated. For Nahbeobachtungen So the binoculars is good at all, but that should any interested anticipate clear.
I think that I sometimes reflexively appearing recommendation, but rather the / a 15x70 or even to take the Cometron 12x70, usually for bad reasons. The reference to the small exit pupil (AP max. 2.8 mm in 25x70) is somewhat trivial than many on such a large binoculars who are interesting have a smaller, light stronger binoculars have ("Standard" -AP 5mm), with whom she a.) casually observe freehand and b.) light mist weak (Deep Sky). Of these, the decision would be made conditional. On all other celestial objects helps the higher magnification and the small AP, although the insight may be a little tedious. 2mm AP are commonly recommended for Galaxies and fits in with my telescope experience. So why the binoculars always fundamentally quite different ?! Globular clusters, star, open star clusters, and even emission nebula can be observed in good contrast.
Another possible handicap: the heavier finding no viewfinder. In prospecting you would have for such binoculars bring considerable experience already or use a smaller binocular parallel. It is not a beginner's binoculars, but rather a special device that the maximum magnification, you may wish without viewfinder exploits.
I regret actually having such a (large) device not already bought me earlier and keep it, especially for galaxies brighter nebulae, planets moons ...

Addendum: When observing a distant colored woodpecker on a tree top, the stand out, while conscious, straight retreat my eyes from the eyepieces (distance 15 or 20cm), the two images but no longer covered. Fold only when approaching one another again. The collimation is / was so latent but not entirely correct - was not on the normal look through. With a little tightening the adjustment screw (with watchmakers screwdriver) under the non-fixed-bonded rubber of the right prism housing (at the edge of the center towards the eyepiece, exactly on the orange words "... 70") I have brought back the images quickly to cover, from every possible viewing position now my Okularabstands.
Now, for example, Jupiter appears as a perfectly round disc and its four large moons jump immediately apparent (as long as all are just visible). The Andromeda Galaxy M32 companion is as instantly recognizable as fog, for M110, the other major companion galaxy needs it obviously better / darker sky, as I had him in the meantime available. Here you can see immediately the differences to a standard 10x50, moons of Jupiter do not have to be searched, M32 stands out not just heard of a star from, but is extended foggy.

Conclusion: Given the unique position that this convenient, lightweight 25x70 currently has the binoculars market, it is recommended for observation with high magnification binoculars and stands out clearly while from a 10x50 from as it would do a 15x70.

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