Chris Brown in search of .....?

Chris Brown in search of .....?

Fortune (Deluxe Edition) (Audio CD)

Customer Review

Fortune is the fifth studio album by Chris Brown, who, and this is actually the incredible, is only 23 years old. When I listen to the album, then I think to myself: Boy, why you punish out an album every year? In my opinion, would have to Brown, who made negative headlines off the music again lately, to leave more time for his music. Of course he gets the features he wants, and the producers anyway. But the last albums had all the same scheme, and so is his new unfortunately without surprises, and very predictable! I find 'Turn up the Music' not bad, but just at the end, when he was still angry two missteps a la 'Euro Disco' served us, the fun stops for me. 'Do not wake me up' is produced by the 'Benassi cousins', the boys from Italien'was to say? 'Trumpet Lights' is even more annoying, and here Polow Da Don had presented his finger in the pie, the better it actually can and also with '4 Years Old' example. A much better number.

Content, we must not expect too much thematically, it is an entertainer album, in between we get a kind of pity Tour 'Do not Judge Me' and some acceptable ballads. Highlight would 'Biggest Fan', an uptempo number which is very catchy and reflects the vocal qualities to the full extent, the ups and downs' everything fits! Also the track 'Till I Die' with Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa is groovy. Not quite convinced me 'Mirage', also a rather quiet number on which, after all, 'Nas' is at the start. The good here is unfortunately only a little below, the force that makes his voice is not heard. The Deluxe version offers all the same 5 tracks more than the Standard Edition, but again I find more quantity than quality. Undoubtedly, Chris Brown is an excellent singer, and dancer 'but in my opinion he is still in search of its own trademark, thereto he should work.

Individual tracks can be heard to be fun, the whole album is unfortunately only average. I have to give me overcome 3 stars, actually it is only 2.5! Let's hope that the boy will grow up soon 'in every way!

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