Coffee machine with good "milk froth" quality and a few small deficits

Coffee machine with good "milk froth" quality and a few small deficits

Saeco HD8930 / 01 Royal coffee machine, 1400W, 15 Bar, 2,2l, Eco Mode, silver (household goods)

Customer Review

We have the Saeco Royal Cappuccino OnTouch since about 10 days in use.
Predecessor was a Siemens coffee machine from the EQ7 series, which was eventually scrapped because of ongoing problems with the mill, though otherwise still functioning.
The machine itself looks a bit stuffy and looks very off after "office" machine (commercial machine), but that should not be the decisive criterion. The recommended cleaning procedures before moving into the first coffee, we have followed in accordance with all operating instructions. Because the attribute "commercial machine" we expect a longer life than that of a "normal" household coffee machines.

The setting and programming options are "sufficient", but there can be no personal preference for multiple people to save, but only one set of settings for one coffee. For all varieties is also a degree of beating and one each coffee strength on the housing can only total the rear right set (2 slides). Since we are right soft water (confirmed with the enclosed test), was dispensed with the installation of a water filter.

(Drank) As we get plenty of cappuccino, our main focus is on a good, plump milk foam. That's according to our experience and the main weak point of many (and this) fully automatic, and has been surpassed in every respect of our previous coffee machines. First of the position of the Cappuccinatore very far front (outside) and the coffee spout is removed so that the "froth", as he that is because, often sprayed over the cup rim and lands on the machine and the surrounding area, which is quite a "mess" , Since the enclosed silicone tube with nearly 37cm quite short because of the oblique central terminal, it also prepares effort to position the current 1L milk container so that the tube extends to the bottom of the package. This frequently is actually even just hot steam produced instead of the desired milk foam ...

At the beginning of the milk froth generating flows for about one second hot steam from the cappuccino maker, the one hand by distributed water splashing around and on the other hand leads to fogging of the directly overlying the display, because the hot steam also increases upward. After that then flows from the hot milk, but unfortunately just mostly just hot milk and milk foam hardly appropriate. This then leads to the second gear incoming coffee (espresso) mixes with the milk / milk foam into a kind of "latte" already in the cup and only a relatively small milk froth (max 10 mm) on the "Cappuccino "remains. That's why I can not understand at all the described in previous reviews and comments assertion about the "good" milk froth quality.

My wife was therefore very disappointed because * that * was the old Siemens EQ7 really to "classes" better and is one of the reasons why we now mourn after the previous coffee machines. Note .: The unfortunately had to leave, even though otherwise still functional because the grinder constantly caused problems, ie, for a cup of cappuccino had to be to 7x ground before anything came and after less than 1000 cups remuneration. In addition, she was broken immediately after delivery. But that's another thing ...

My search for a solution to the problem with the Saeco Royal on the Internet has brought no help. Here you will find this machine is not (or only rarely) in the standard electronic markets because called "commercial machine" so that a Try not previously possible. A closer examination of quite simple structured milk frother (cappuccinatore) unfortunately has no direct deficiency / defect shown, so we have to assume at present that our result is the usual standard. Note .: We use, as recommended, 1.5% term milk from the refrigerator. A otherwise Note to throttle the milk supply through the hose applied "hose clamp", so that the milk would foamed by the slower run more, showed no improvement, instead splashed the milk, driven by the hot steam, everywhere and it emerged just a few large foam bubbles on the Cappuccino.
Not necessarily that you would expect from a "good" milk foam expected.

Should not go unmentioned that the machine is significantly louder than our previous model, we would even want to classify as "very loud".

In short, my conclusion: We would buy or recommend the coffee machine for the above reasons not again.
And as we bought him in the business, a return is probably hardly possible. Annoying.

PS .: If anybody has prepared suggestions that can solve the mentioned dilemma, we would for appropriate messages (and comments) grateful.

PS2 .: (Update 16/12/2014) Today I went to a local MM market, where I look at the latest (and most expensive) * Saeco GranBaristo * (Bluetooth, etc) for EUR 1589, - and in direct comparison even the * Saeco Exprelia EVO Stainless Steel * for EUR 898, - from a present there Saeco sales consultants have had to show off. In each case, a cappuccino freshly prepared by him on each machine. To my surprise (and disappointment) was there the milk froth (with 1.5% milk tiger) to no better than our (new) Saeco Royal OneTouch cappuccino machine. Both machines, although slightly different structures, yielded approximately the same results and at a much higher and different sales price! After the GranBaristo costs EUR 950 more than we paid for the Royal.

Again, the milk foam was again relatively low viscosity and mingled in a very short time with the espresso (there were clear plastic cups used) so that then only a milk froth crown of just one centimeter remained, which was slightly firmer, while the Espresso including a latte "degenerated". You could see very well in the transparent cup; First a triple stratification (from bottom to top): milk / espresso / milk foam, then, that after a short time, only a twofold stratification. Latte / milk froth The taste both were slightly different, because the machine lt. Indication of the Saeco-seller had filled in the bean container with different coffees.

Resumme far: Apparently, this is the expected quality even up to the latest (and most expensive) coffee machines by Saeco ... Disappointing.

Update 01/19/2015: In the meantime, we have been experimenting with the various beverages and settings already changed twice the type of coffee. In particular, stepping up the Wassertempratur has brought good stuff as well as the adaptation of the beverage typical capacity. The milk foam has now become significantly better (and at the top of solid), but varies quantity moderate somewhat between the first and other cups. The first cup of cappuccino, the amount of milk froth is always slightly reduced compared to the subsequent cups. Also applies to something larger breaks. We also have several times between normal cappuccino and DIY version (only espresso, then milk foam separately) changed with correspondingly good result and then a slightly different taste orientation. The milk foam is then brownish compared to the normal milk foam and has a little more coffee flavor. Various Röstarten (brighter / darker) processed the grinder as opposed to our previous EQ7 Siemens so far without complaint. The cleaning cycles, the cleaning of the water container and the pulp container and the water consumption is also OK. We always ask for the individual cleaning procedures a container under the spout, so that the drip tray is not fully running too fast. Only the back-and-recurrent spraying at the milk foam preparation is still disturbing (despite frequent cleaning the cappuccino maker). The pomace tablets are still good and solid, not crumble (possibly by a higher proportion of water). Overall, we increase the rating in order to 4 stars.

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