Compare FIFA 15 vs.  PES 2015

Compare FIFA 15 vs. PES 2015

PES 2015 - Day 1 edition - [Xbox One] (Video Game)

Customer Review

I have now bought PES 15 and would like to draw a comparison between Fifa 15 and PES 15:

First of all: I am Fifa fan since the 90.

The licenses, presentation is all a class of its own at Fifa.
And this year was also the playful improved. Many shortcomings as always the same situations in the penalty area, goalkeeper AI, ball physics are very good in the latest offshoot.
The modes that exist, are top.
The presentation of the League mode has also managed.

Now for PES 15:
Unfortunately, hardly any licenses if this is going to change; o)
The presentation, atmosphere etc. very boring. Since PES can not keep up in the least with Fifa.
But the playful, is unbelievable. The ball physics and the thus resulting situations are really great.
This feel what you have at the games, for some period of acclimatization, suggests my opinion Fifa 15 by far.
One has to have rarely feel Tor situations already seen, because the ball always falls differently, but this credible.
Also tactics can be implemented better. Whether you play on the ball, pressing, counter etc. it plays fantastic and feels great. The same goes for the AI, this is too good rooms and attacked the ball carrier aggressive.
A bad pass can very quickly lead to the goal, Weill also the KI beherscht fast Umschaltspiel; o)
Then suddenly conceded the 3: 4 in injury time and wondering how the hell this could happen. -D
The modes are indeed numerous, including the Champions League, however, is the deciding for me Modu, champions league, weakness than in Fifa.
The presentation is not motivating and there me already missing the Liznezen.

FIFA 15 vs. PES 15
Both games are on your way top.

Who wants to have licenses and better modes should opt for Fifa 15 because for me is the long-term motivation higher.
Also spilerisch Fifa is better this year than in all other years.

Those looking for a game where you can make fast mal ne cool game or would like to play the executing one or another tournament, which is very good advice with PES 2015 as a playful, for me, PES Feifa proposes to worlds.
Even in offline multiplayer do it in my opinion more fun.

Very nice and entertaining Rank: 4/5
January 3
Zero comfort - impractical Rank: 1/5
August 25
Nothing wrong 133 Rank: 5/5
March 30
1 tablet carrying case Rank: 4/5
October 1