Complicate me hypnosis

Complicate me hypnosis

Hypnosis - Human Evolution - Quality of Life - Health (Paperback)

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Have you ever read a book with 3 summary? Everything is summed up in this question!
The principle of a book bringing together everything about hypnosis is a great idea. But if it is to make this even more complicated is blah !!!

Honestly, every little element of hypnosis is well explained. But the overall reading of this book is unreadable. Although it would add 3 more summary :)

As if one would like to believe that hypnosis is very complicated.

I will propose a revolutionary idea: Why there is no chapter numbers? And numbers or letters for sub chapters? It is argued in this book as if we had made a list of 700 pages of ideas. You never know where we are. It is for the reader to sort. 700 pages and it is not a gift. This is also what I am doing on a Word file to be able to find me. Because this book has completely lost.

I'm not saying it's easy to make a book that summarizes everything in a simple and clear way. But this is not the book that will make your life easier. Other books are much more useful immediately. When I read the book on the inductions as "From the hypnotic induction" the book on protocols like "guide protocols" or even a book from a student of Olivier Lockert as "complete formation of therapeutic hypnosis and NLP. After closing the book, I can immediately use it. Because these books have simplified my life.

In addition there has been ideological parties that put ill at ease. With a title like this, I was expecting a book which presents itself as the reference book of hypnosis. it was not the neutrality of a reference book. 2 examples that have shocked me:
1. It has the bias down Milton Erickson. Whereas if one reads books of Milton Erickson as "a seminar with Milton Erickson" or "practice of hypnosis Treaty" we quickly understand the difference between Milton Erickson and this author.
2. It presents the humanist hypnosis as a new current of hypnosis. While it is the author who invented the humanist hypnosis. So he does not hide it at all. And that's good! But as it is very clear and even interesting WHEN IT explains any element of hypnosis he did not invent. As much when he speaks of the humanist hypnosis, the soft focus. One has the impression that this is not the same book or the same author. So I do not know absolutely nothing new age philosophy, but I think I just read my first book on the subject;)

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