Cools super good and also does not harden!

Cools super good and also does not harden!

ARCTIC MX-2 - thermal compound for all coolers (4 grams) (Accessories)

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I wanted to invest with my new system a little bit more money in cooling and its accessories. Since a lot to me this paste on and they have bought directly. The heat is given very good on and the cooler may cause his work thoroughly.

After one year, I lost the radiator and have noticed that the paste was still in its original state, so draw no curing or the CPU cooler from the socket including how yes it knows of cheap pastes.

Even after more than a year, the paste in the syringe still fresh and can be used - as soon as this is all I'm considering another syringe it out!

Who wants to have "a lot" paste for little money can be accessed in any case!

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