Country Pop / Rock at the highest Niveaux

Country Pop / Rock at the highest Niveaux

Golden (Audio CD)

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Also this Lady Antebellum album is again a blend of Country Pop / Rock songs!

It's a shame, the country will be reduced in Germany in the classic country, There are really a lot of nuances.
From the "Classic" Country on (Dirt) Country Road through to Country Pop.

Just listen times Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, Easton Corbin, Rascal Flatts, Little Texas and especially Gloriana (see below),
then you know what I mean.

As a fan of the first hour and this album was of course a "must have" in my collection.
Had LA stay on the radio for the first time in a United States. Since then accompanied me LA, (especially in the car).
Many songs, especially the ballads, somehow have a calming effect.

It is always difficult with such continuity as in this band, to elect a "best" album.
Even the Christmas album has some catchy tunes on board.
For me, the first is the best. All other but are not really bad, but that's now times with the taste.
Which is the best album, everyone must decide for themselves.
In any case, everyone is right with the LA Country Pop / Rock like.

For album itself can only say so much:
There are a few more rocking songs and some ballads. Here, like the rock songs very ...

For me, the best song on the album and one of the best ever, is "All For Love".
Melodic and Timbre and tunes at the same time.

But just listen to myself purely:
Search on Youtube and play through proxy (eg

My ranking (Top 3):

1. All For Love
2. Long Teenage Goodbye
3. Can not Stand the Rain

TIP: If you like Lady Antebellum, should definitely listen and Gloriana, is very similar in style ...

Of course, a strong buy recommendation from a fan !!!

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