Crash Derby 2

Crash Derby 2

GRID 2 - [PC] (computer game)

Customer Review

Now, after a few days playing time especially in multiplayer I can give the game only 1 star.
So the game is kind of arcade-heavy. In multiplayer you will
constantly crashed. So because drivers are on the road, which has to be seen. Now you could say that you could even create a game and can make the settings. However, it is so that apparently this game is stillborn.
A few players online. Initially were still at any time enough players online, but if you now play in the evening or at night, you can often count on the server 2 hands. And even these are often visited spährlich.

I bought 3 friends my game as 4-pack. One has the same problems as many others (Steam forums are full of it ... Crash to Desktop) For him, the game is unplayable. One of us has zero problems. Me and a buddy have this rare but really beautiful stuttering on some routes. This one has it then often in the curve, so you then beautiful lands off the track and therefore often presented the victory. Tried everything what was suggested in this regard on the part of Codemasters. So disable certain settings, etc. However, there is as yet no real remedy, according to forums, however. Knowing about these jerks, so we can only hope for an update by Codemasters. According to official tests should have minimum of 40 frames to can play the game smoothly liquid.
We have high-end PCs and still have disabled some settings. (40 is recommended) We get loud (ingame) benchmark test on minimum frames of more than 80 and have won every now and stuttering. Strangely, we have this stuttering only in multiplayer. Single player works just fine on the highest settings. Games like Battlefield 3, Crysis 1-3, TDU2 etc we can gamble without problems in Ultra Sp and Mp. Meanwhile, we have been able to minimize the stuttering, but also reaches only a hanger per event if it occurred in an unfavorable moment ... eg harassed by opponents 1-2 in a tight corner. However, I must say that no longer touches me. The game is rarely, if ever, played. Somehow it seems to me that the number of players in the multiplayer of all NEWER Codemaster games greatly reduced within a short time.

That there is no cockpit view makes the whole thing more attractive. I am a big fan of Grid 1, but with Grid 2 will simply pay no joy. The menus are rather confusing. However, the sound and the graphics are good.
An absolute joke is that Codemasters represents a kind of flash back feature available for the multiplayer. So so so everyone wants the crash, crashes at full speed into the crowd and then after 1 second in direction with enough speed appears on the roadway. And that up to 5x per race (depending on settings). An extremely big minus to provide such a function for the multiplayer available. The damage model like it again well, but please where Hud is for the damage display. This I found in Grid 1 very useful. Here nil. There is not any. Am glad that I paid with all DLCs only 34 Euro.

In my tip top Rank: 5/5
April 15
Great shoe 5 Rank: 5/5
August 31
Totally addictive !!! 1 Rank: 5/5
April 25
Very cute! 25 Rank: 5/5
January 22
Super 1880 3202 Rank: 5/5
June 12

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