Dark Fairy Tale ...

Dark Fairy Tale ...

The Woodcutter (Paperback)

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The name Woodcutter can actually close to a lumberjack. But the Woodcutter render its trees only in an extreme emergency. Instead, he is regarded as guardians and protectors of the forests and the 12 kingdoms. With his power, the balance between good and evil remains upright. People and magical beings can safely coexist, without which a world is too much affected by the other. But one day he can not protect from a deadly attack in the forest Cinderella. Here Cinderella is just the beginning of a true serial killer that must be stopped. When searching for the murderer and his motive of Woodcutter meets many famous fairy tale characters that are also largely be described as they are known from different fairy tales. The location and building is right in front of the inner eye, what I felt as a very pleasant person.

But one thinks, with the old fairy tale from childhood one knows the history of the book already, one is completely false. The author is building a completely new story with new creative backgrounds that looks fresh and exciting. The writing style is simple and can be read fluently. The chapters are (suitable for a bedtime reading) kept short, so you can quickly read a few pages time. The characters seem coherent, albeit somewhat flat. And therein lies my criticism ...

I read basically like fairy tales, such as the seventh swan of Lilach Mer or the snow maiden Eowyn Ivey of; just like I read horror or thriller. For this reason, this novel would theoretically the perfect novel may be for me as a combination of these genres. Nevertheless, I do not give the novel the full capacity of 5 stars. It has quite a long time until I settled myself in the story and I could sympathize with the Woodcutter. Although my character is not unsympathetic, but somehow it looks quite shallow and facettenlos. It lacks rough edges or generally on traits. Only that he is very compassionate and protective of and loves his wife, we learn about him. Therefore, I needed to about half of the novel in order to find my way into the history and witness what is written. Since I lack this depth on the main character, I prefer from a star.

In summary, my exciting story but well-liked and also the writing style is simple and fluent reading. The Story modified oldest-known fairy tale about a contemporary exciting novel. The only complaint is the lack of depth in the characters that you especially miss the Woodcutter himself.

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