Despite fewer criticisms the currently best football game for the PC

Despite fewer criticisms the currently best football game for the PC

PES 2008 - Pro Evolution Soccer (DVD-ROM) (computer game)

Customer Review

In PES 2008 you get almost everything a football gamer heart desires.
The next Gen. Graphics is at the highest setting really stunning good
(For a football game). This applies especially for the presentation of the players, their movements and the original faces that come eerily close to reality. Only viewers degenerated in some settings (Replay and Trigger) to pixel clusters.

The gameplay is partially become somewhat arcade-heavy. It is not
more so difficult to score as in the previous versions.
The game has become much faster. Thus, there is less
Midfielders banter. The falls but hardly negative. The ball physics
still unereicht well. No goal is like the other.

Unfortunately, again missing the Bundesliga license. But there is now good
Patches with which one can eliminate the problem. Otherwise, there are the
spanische-, Italian, Dutch and the French League
with original licenses. The English league has only original player name.
It lacks the original jerseys and the real name of the team. Can here
However, you help out again with patches from the net.

One negative point are the few original stages. Here, the
Stadiums of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​AS Roma and SS Lazio,
Ajax Amsterdam, AS Monaco, AC Milan or Inter Milan, Benfica, FC Porto and Sporting Lisbon. Plus, there's some fancy stadiums. This is clearly not enough. In PES 5, there were more than twice the number of original stages.


PES 2008, despite some shortcomings, the current best football game, what
you can buy the time for the PC.

Has potential Rank: 4/5
June 15
Practice 336 Rank: 5/5
August 6
As good Rank: 5/5
May 16
The best compromise 1 Rank: 5/5
August 25