Dice do not roll properly, and more complexity

Dice do not roll properly, and more complexity

Schmidt Spiele 49257 - Qwirkle Cubes (Toys)

Customer Review

Qwirkle Cubes has at least made a lot of sense as a game variant of the "conventional" Qwirkle on the carton and expectations aroused in us, as we were the basic version (which was rightly Game of the Year, as we find, and at least for us in the city Christmas almost was sold out) own and love. In Qwirkle Cubes (aka Cube), the principle is very similar, except that you have 90 cubes instead of 108 wooden tiles.

The Principle:
As in the original may only equal colors and different symbols or similar symbols and different colors form a series (the then DATA TO BE points for the player is). Most Points brings the Qwirkle (ie 6 symbols in a row, without having to have all placed themselves absolutely must - for writing down the points does not count that), but it adds up when you create happy, because the already checkers always count , The essential difference is that only one color and every 6 symbols on each cube, the pulling out of the bag concealed it. You roll when pulling on request before each round, ie when one is off - but you must not except you drag. This is a self if you want to change his ways or not. A significant difference in the strategic planning represents the cube-Qwirkle that the 6 is not used by a player cubes are open and therefore visible to the other players.

Our experience:
- The die is indeed wertig, but smaller than the plate (in the Liege area). For eyeglass wearers (and even for people with normal vision like me) the image is thus much more complex. I found, more concentration is required, it is essential to detect any possible landing when her compact plays the situational awareness of the stones. Someone looked in the sample batch, however sometime nothing and needed help - as opposed to the original game.
A larger Fummeligkeit is given in clumsy people also. We have used the cardboard halves of a cube meadows, what they were really to use, but still die was cast when putting like to get down and were allowed to search for. In addition, they rotate in grasping like to order, so you may think then that symbol was that just well up. Lapses, to say that this is not the platelet Qwirkle so.
- Exposing the dice for the competition we did not like all of them. The original version is better in our opinion.
- The dice roll is not good. They have square edges and not rounded. As the game "Cubes" aka Dice said, I would have thought that these things even as we know it from "classical" geometric shapes of this type, roll. Not even close! They throw out the best, and that's it. For me personally it was a definite frustration factor.

We were glad when it was over. It is Qwirkle, but the intended surprise factor known as the dynamic that should come in through the cubes, has not fired at us. He was for us alone by the lack of possibility of hiding game (aka the other players always look, what colors I have) a negative offset. In addition, the whole cubes bugged us be honest sometime also operationally. Sure, the game is just as valuable as the original, but it has made us much less fun. We will stay with the original version. She tells us more.

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October 16
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