Disappointment, although I have many, absolute Asics fan'm like

Disappointment, although I have many, absolute Asics fan'm like

ASICS Gel-Trail Lahar G-5 Tx Herrren Trail Running Shoes (Shoes)

Customer Review

I've had dozens and Asics shoes (Asics Ultimate81, Caliber X, Shaw Runner, Fabre74, Patriot, Oberon 5, Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66, GT-II, Saga, Gel Lyte III, Trail Tambora), with whom I absolutely satisfied am or was ... up to this model.

The 3 reasons that had moved me to buy the gel-Trail Lahar 5 GTX model:

My size 44.5 me in Asics always fit was available for ...
... An offer price of 56 euros incl. Shipping with ...
the Goretex membrane GTX because ...

... I had all Asics models, although they were comfortable, but never water-resistant. Thus fulfilling function for a good price.

Forget it!

Like so many, I also have problems with shoes that do not have normal width. This shoe my foot gets panic attacks, there really has absolutely no thin layer of air over your toes Place (for the foot climate is absolutely essential = heat-removal + freedom = comfort) and he in the field balls in the width of the bone similar to the well awfully close New Balance 420 model, no place for the foot provides. I do not fit with the best will in the shoe. When I try with absolute violence, get in, then you are squashed in like a compress, and the first step is a pain because each foot spreads on impact and propagate MUST. Even at Spann I arge problems, even if I offfen the (admittedly rather cheap-looking laces + the plastic painted eyeparts) gaaaaanz hold from top to down, I simply no place! And on it goes with the constriction on the heel. Again, pushes me the shoe penetrative forward and will prefer that you get out shoot toes from the plastic polyester lining the front.

Yes, there is a hiking boot / trail shoe. But the famous Asics attenuation (good compromise between hardness stop / soft damping), just missing completely. Absolutely no running comfort. As you can indeed equal to pick any other shoe. Without joke, I was standing at the ALDI checkout and there but in fact a customer because of a reduced 5 Euros running shoe has (Barefoot Style Mesh glued with EVA sole = Nike Rxxxe Rxn Style / Skxxxers Style) bitched that the price would be too high, although the same things are sold with a glued on the side characters re over 50 euros?!? I just wanted to say that today's Trail / Trekking / running shoes are always made only from plastic and all are produced for almost no money. I bet the Euro 5 light-EVA blend shoe has a higher ride comfort than some manufacturers who umlabeln the same models and attract more than one 50 euro note net per shoe from the pockets of customers. Is in principle not matter if you spend now 10, 20, 40, 50, 70 or sometimes even 110 euros, they are producing the play for less than 5 euros. Clear, development costs. But 100,000 times produced afterwards, you can not really talk about it. Thus: the damping is not worth their money because if a shoe is already more expensive, then it must be more comfortable than the cheaper shoes, even if they are both produced cheaply.


Since I know some wonderful examples of other manufacturers who are comfortable with hard shoes and soft combine the best of the best, so you can run at the end of many kilometers simply convenient:

eg Adidas Grand Prix: is extremely hard, but is designed for the permanent slipping on clay courts, therefore, needs a lot of rubber and grip. Damping: none. BUT: The shoe flatters the foot by raising him in the middle in the cavity so that the load decreases in the anterior and posterior area. For this he is the front cut wide, the foot can spread and its own dampening use (strangely without damping the foot barefoot most convenient, unfortunately are all chewing gum and glass shards and the remains of dogs and many other nice things on the road .. . :)). Adventitious nor the nonexistent fall, all flat and therefore no burden on the balls. Then another thin genuine leather without thick polyester lining and cotton layers inside = no sweating or if, then good transportation. Result: comfortable, looks good, can be worn throughout the year, lasts a long time, is so often worn.

Another example: Nike Pegasus 29: 3cm thick, consistently thick, lightweight, soft cushion layer, wide cut, comfortable ankle collar, extremely thin lining at the toes (always a good sign of a good running shoe because the cheap running shoes forward without thick Lining the outside tear) and thus can be felt even when the air passes to the toe - perfect foot climate. Waffle sole = after more than 3 years not wear completely traveled the world and almost always jogged so - good, always good grip + will spread under stress like a mountain bike tires and cling so into the soil and provide additional bit more damping off. The tongue is lined thin, but you can bind firmly, without the laces cut - TOP. They are even in SHIELD version, thus water-resistant and clear favorite against the Trail Lahar. I am neither for Nike, Adidas still on, even for Asics or Puma or Brooks, Reebok, Gola, Pony, New Balance, Diadora, Skechers, Fila, Victory or other manufacturers. Simply clever shoes (design, comfort, handling, everyday use by seasons) for producing clever prices and you are doing. But that apparently falls hard. And the Pegasus 29 models: in addition to the outer damping footbed is pleasant through the pleasantly shaped insole and you take this out, inside the soccer field a buttery soft, red extra cushioning layer is incorporated, the one immediately notices at every step, as you here as is collected on a thick, soft, fluffy carpet. In other Pegasus models, there are significant differences in ride comfort, because completely different attenuated and also completely different cut (usually narrower than the 29er model).

Thus the bed: you will get no support, as I have mentioned it in the other examples. It is inside of the insole (which is thin) incorporated also no further loss and there is no place for an own contribution because no place on the instep and toes is present and would slip by increasing the rear, the foot out of the shoe.


Ugly. Black, rugged, chunky. For this reason, I have only wanted the best rate with Goretex access and wanted to stay with Asics, because I Asics has always fit best as average type. Thus, purely functional shoe, which can not be combined at higher temperatures with beige chinos or shorts. He wants to speak best disappearing under a wide cut jeans. He should stay. Not even a colorful Polo over the jeans, the black hole at the bottom to save even more. In contrast, white Asics shoes with colorful shirts or polos and bright / dark jeans / chinos to combine super on foot as a lightness at the foot hangs. Gray is also very universal. Brown also, but not easily and would with colorful lightness also not as well tolerated. Had the Asics stripes on the side away, then the shoe would look better. Neither jogging suitable (too hard, too little air flow, no style (Design may motivational act)), yet you walk around with it like in everyday life. I think the shoe but will go down well with the trekking group and technicians who attach no importance to what design and want to have a purely functional until you have tried on the shoe again :) ...

unpacked and - cheap. Everything somehow cheap painted with plastic color and polyester / plastic bomber with the first typical for stench. Asics cooks like any producer only with water. I have a certain tolerance for the processing, if at least would ride comfort or the design or other points agree ... probably holds the footwear, if you are not so heavily loaded him every day over 3 years since I think at this price the final will be made (check Klebereste, check gluing uppers with sole, no unclean transitions etc.). But to a processing just heard the material quality and the cost of construction ...

In summary:

- Fit
- Damping
- Footbed
- Design
+ Processing (but not the material used)
+ Water-repellent layer Goretex

There are only awarded to a maximum of 5 points. I really needed 6. I draw all the points from sober and still give the 2 Plus points to, I'd be at 1 point (5-6 + 2). Actually, I would be only 1.5 points, even though I tend to positive (0.5 processing). But more important than the material used is still that the shoe holds on time, thus how stable it is built. Therefore with Goretex function 2 points. For better attenuation +1, with better design +1, with better footbed / better fit +1 = 5 and in favorable factory price of the shoe could reach 6 points with gescheitem material even. So but unfortunately not.

Good product 130 Rank: 5/5
December 9
Friend or Foe? Rank: 5/5
December 4
It's really great !! Rank: 5/5
April 11
Phone for Hearing Impaired Rank: 5/5
March 24

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