Does what it should and can be easily integrated into existing system

Does what it should and can be easily integrated into existing system

HomeMatic 99240 wireless wall switch 2-way surface-mounted HM-PB-2-WM55 (tool)

Customer Review

The wall switch could be completely combined easily with a flush-mounted switch actuator, so that I can finally turn off the lights on the coffee table from the seat when I want to watch TV. The integration into the HomeMatic system worked perfectly. In contrast to the image, the button has a status LED on the button field, but only indicates successful communication. Had also can save, as this is already indicated by the switching on and off of the light. For the status display of the battery status and any errors the LED is then quite helpful.

The probe could be easily integrated into our AS500 system Jung. Color he had to possibly may still be a bit whiter. But that does not bother, especially since other systems use different shades again.

The attachment to the wall was not a problem by means of two screws. I have refrained from sticking as it is often costly to mend a torn wallpaper, as to fill two small holes with Moltofill. To change the battery, which is not too fast necessary hopefully, just tilt the frame and its buttons are deducted.

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December 19
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October 21
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September 24

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