The Magic Whip (Audio CD)

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What are the ice creams, Blur serve the listeners on Magic Whip? Unfortunately I do not speak Japanese and can the character (or is the Mandarin?) Do not read on the album cover. This much is clear: it does not taste good. Blur bored. And the listener along with it. Albarn traniger vocals, riffs and laconic Coxon Rowntree uninvolved drumming no longer inspire.

This blur make the same music as in the nineties. And then just not return. Because "Beetlebum", "Song 2" or the ambitious "13" had "Magic Whip" just a lot of momentum and energy ahead. You could also call inspiration. Combined with the coolness and the Albarn'schen congenial game Coxon's the recipe went on flawlessly until The latter left the band Blur and only produced sad, mindless electronics.

"Magic Whip" is like a farewell to old times. It is a pitiful whine, a hurdy-gurdy. After "Ice Cream Man" I needed a beer first, such anxieties sparked the song in me. A song is like the neighbor, Albarn squawks bleak, Coxon still leans against the sometimes vocal Wailing Wall, but fails. The music is strangely sterile, has little explanatory zombie, simultaneously it acts partially as a barbiturate. The vitality that Coxon acoustic guitars as "Blur" (1997) lent, missing out completely.

The return of the gifted guitarist does not change the trend of bloodless, antiseptic music that began with "Think Tank" (2003) and to which "The Magic Whip" connects seamlessly. Too bad!

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November 5
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December 20
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November 7
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January 29
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August 18

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