Enchanted and abducted in a fairy tale world

Enchanted and abducted in a fairy tale world

Monument Valley (App)

Customer Review

Graphically remembers "Monument Valley" very similar to the art of MC Escher and the action could also come from a fairy tale. Although the gameplay is kept simple, put the game full of surprise and wow effects. The levels are so varied and great staged that they let the player immerse together with the polyphonic music directly in a fantastic world. Such an atmosphere I have experienced so far in any mobile game and a few PC or console games.
Unfortunately, the game is very low extent. Only around one to one and a half hours it takes to finish. Nevertheless this time a very in memory. An absolute recommendation!

For concise two euros is available as in-app purchase nor the extension "Forgotten Shores", which again offers great entertainment around an hour and varied worlds. Also highly recommended.

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