Enchanting !!!  3 1

Enchanting !!! 3 1

Swan Lake: Book-CD (Album)

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Who does not know Swan Lake, sublime ode to love on a Tchaikovsky score?
For this famous ballet, he had a talented choreographer and star dancer. Thus, the designs were entrusted to Regis Lejonc, soft and beautiful palette, poetic and enchanting. The dancer of words could only be divine Elodie Fondacci, which illuminates the radio Classic evenings with his "Musical Stories" show.

The result is a delight. An audible and visual gem. A journey on the wings of a wild swan, the beautiful Odette and condemned never again become a woman the night. Until the prince Siegfried breaks the spell by the force of his love ...

The haunting voice of Elodie Fondacci carries us and carries us. One becomes a swan in turn, flying over the crystal clear waterfalls, majestic mountains and immense forests. We did not want to ask. We did not want the book to rest. We did not want Elodie bows finished ballet.
I did not like this book, I loved it!
A huge favorite for young and old!

Karine Fléjo for the blog "The Chronicles of Koryfée"

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