Enthusiasm Pur 1

Enthusiasm Pur 1

Signstek * White Ceramic * 100ML Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Humidifier fragrance diffuser with LED

Customer Review

Especially in winter or in warmer temperatures prevailing in the apartment always a stuffy or smelly air. You can remedy this with a diffuser and made especially curious me the Signstek * White Ceramic * 100ML Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser. This sounded great and looked great. For this he was made of ceramic, which is in itself a very high quality.

=== The Signstek * White Ceramic * 100ML Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser ===

Safely packed in a sturdy box, he arrives at a home. With in the box is the Aroma Diffuser and the cable for the power outlet. The Aroma Diffuser is really nice small and fits so in every corner. You can leave him very well anywhere really. The cable has a length of nearly two meters and so you will also find enough room. The diffuser has a size of 96 x 157 mm and weighs 500 g. Clear, slightly heavier, but he's also made of ceramic. Visually, it makes an excellent impression and also looks really classy.

The diffuser consists of three individual parts, but you have a great skill to have him to assemble. Just put everything about each other and you're done. Upstairs there is the screen and below the reservoir where the water comes in. In total there fit into 100 ml. So you are not too much water into it, a mark was affixed. On the one can very well orient. Once the water has been filled, the lid is on it and then the screen. Previously you should not insert the plug on the underside of the device, because the water is a little difficult. A measuring cup is not included here, but the well everyone has at home. One can also use a glass or cup to fill and save the 100 ml are displayed perfectly.

If you have the power adapter attached, filled the plug into the outlet, and the water, you can start already. Front panel I have three buttons. This is to soft keys. This immediately respond to pressure and can be operated simply super. One for the light and the other two for the setting of the steam. As soon as you turned on the diffuser you down in the space a chic blue light and above the steam comes out. This is also not hot and you have nothing to worry about. If I press the "Light" button, the lamp is lit in a warm pleasant light, which is not hidden or garish. It is a very nice and warm light, which is very pleasant even in the dark. I can choose between 1-2 hours continuous fog or 6 hour interval here. I mostly use the interval, because that will do just fine and the air is very pleasant result.

Since this is an Aroma Diffuser, I always can give a few drops of aroma oil in the water. The smell spreads very pleasant in the whole house and it is just fantastic. The air is much better and thus it is no longer stuffy and the air is very well moistened. Even after ten minutes you can tell right fresh air in the room. On top of the opening is a very delicate steam and this spread very quickly throughout the room. I always use various oils and depending on the mood I also alters the fragrance. Here one has enough to choose from, because fragrance oils one gets anywhere.

I have had it for some time in the bedroom, as I am constantly in the morning woke up with a headache. The air in the bedroom was unbearable some days because I have my balcony and south side there. Despite Dauerlüftens the air was in the room and sleeping was torture. I have to sleep the diffuser before going filled with water and let it run. Since I am no longer a headache, sleep a lot better, deeper and calmer and the air is just very pleasant. The device is very quiet and is practically inaudible. The fact that the water (and thus the oil) is not heated, the scent is not changed, but delivered just as he is.

From the volume ago you hardly hear him him. It bubbling softly under his breath which is very reassuring. It takes about two hours before the 100 ml are evaporated. If you have set to continuous output. Otherwise, it stops naturally longer. The diffuser then turns off by itself if no more water is present. I think that's really great, because one is on the safe side and nothing can happen.

The operation is really easy. Even though it is an instruction manual in English here, but no one really needs. Where the water is pure fill must sees and then just sit on the screen and you're done. And in the three soft keys you can not do a lot of traffic also. The diffuser is really self-explanatory and any layman is thus cope. But even those who can not speak English, will come with the instructions rightly, because everything was really nice illustrated and so explained step by step.

The power consumption is very low at this device so you do not get shock when the next electricity bill. It has an output of 9 watts and even if you run it every day at the six hours the amount is still very low. If I just do not use the diffuser I pull out and the plug, which also saves energy costs. So you can not get a shock when the next bill comes. Since there are far worse energy guzzlers.

You can see the quality of the diffuser. On the one hand, of course, the ceramic package. This is high quality and really nice sturdy and stable and looks the same from much nobler. You can see and feel that this high-quality materials were used. The ceramic can be easily wiped off with a cloth, as it from time to time dust accumulates on it, but more care does not need the diffuser also. Sure, now and then I wash out the water tank, but also very easy going. Also at the processing I could detect no flaws. Everything is nicely rounded, the material has been used which quality and the diffuser has a really great state. Of course I clean it regularly, especially if I used a fragrance oil. Then I wash out the container, which is very easy going with a cloth. So then also no residues are left behind and there is no malfunction.

Beautiful fragrances are very pleasant and have a positive effect on your well-being from. Delightful scents mean relaxation for me and come home. When selecting are virtually no limits. There is something for every taste and every mood. Sometimes it's floral fragrances, fruity and sometimes in winter seeking sweet as vanilla or orange. The small device brings wellness and well-being in the house.

=== === My conclusion

I am very excited about the diffuser. On the one hand he sees Optically correct classy, ​​which is also due in large part to the ceramic. He is nice and small and fits anywhere and thanks to the long cable you also have enough room here. The build quality is top and I can not fault. It is nice that you can choose in the settings whether the fragrance is to be delivered continuously or at intervals. At intervals, I find enjoyable and especially at night in the bedroom, because I then have something like this for longer before the water has evaporated. A total of 100 ml fit in there and if they are evaporated, the unit switches off automatically. So anything can happen, and if you go away from home and sometimes forgets to show him, you have to have not panic. The power consumption is very low and easy to use self-explanatory and really. The air in the room is the same amount of fresh and already after ten minutes you can tell right fresh air in the room. For this, the pleasant and warm light and by me, there is a strong buy recommendation.

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