Everything worked perfectly

Everything worked perfectly

Vehicle power adapter voltage converter (12V to 220V with USB port) Acer ASUS Dell HP Lenovo Sony Samsung HTC iPhone 4 Car Universal Power Supply (optional)

Customer Review

If you get the opportunity to test a car adapter to do that. But again Autodapter?
Yes, another one, but this one has in addition to the USB output of a 220 volts output and operates equipment to 100 W!
Aha, now, it is more exciting. Why should you put the into the car and what can the Adapter

The product characteristics are the following:
Input: car cigarette lighter 12V DC, max. 15V
Output: 220V, it can EU and UK mains plug be plugged
Power: 100W maximum output power
The current transformer is very compact and can be easily stowed in the glove compartment when not in use.
This power converter you can use in your car devices with connection for 220V, about radios, laptop power supplies, razors, cell phone chargers, baby food warmers, etc. It opens you a lot of applications. Ideally suited for use on vacation!

For this an important addition:
Please note the use of the current transformer, the power requirements in operation depending on the connected device may be partially considerably and with the engine off discharges the battery. Depending on the capacity of the installed battery is an operation of 1 - 5 Stunden when the engine is possible, then there is a risk of deep discharge!
I think the field of application has now been made clear and how to do it and if it works at all, I would like to meet again in a practical test.

In practical use.
Simple Anwendnung, just in the Zigarrettenanzünderbuchse stecken.Das was easy. The pulling out was associated with significantly more power, here I was afraid that Curbs something did not happen.
With the design I had no problems, nothing has been hampered.
An iPad and an iPhone 4 was operated by 220V connection and then the Iphone still on the USB loaded system, both worked perfectly.
The adapter was directly current, recognizable by the green LED when the ignition was turned, and that should be normal. There were no noise heard and there were no fumes from the adapter if you connect a 220V device.

A functioning adapter that works and you like entraining, especially when traveling or on weekends, when one is dependent on specific devices. The price is reasonable for a well-made device and is also in order.

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