Excellent book by the inventor of indexing

Excellent book by the inventor of indexing

Common Sense on Mutual Funds (Hardcover)

Customer Review

The first two parts are the most interesting
- Investment strategy, asset allocation. It shows where do the performance, the share of speculation, why the long-term investment can prevent it. Very convincing.
- Which means choose to invest. Obviously you have to take into account that he is the inventor of indexing and its box is the market leader, but the superiority of indexing in active management is still very well argued.

At fault:
- A lot of repetition, but it is voluntary (independent chapters under construction)
- Part 4 "on fund management," even though interesting, adds little.

Financial English is a bit technical, but nothing serious.
The argument is always supported by updating the graphics ("10 years later"), which always supports his point.

Overall very good book that will avoid paying fees for asset managers globally unable to beat the market!

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