Excellent cappuccino!  Super milk froth, fine crema!

Excellent cappuccino! Super milk froth, fine crema!

BEEM Germany i-Joy Café Ultimate, espresso portafilter machine with 20 bar with integrated milk frother, chrome-black (household goods)

Customer Review

Video at Amazon.com See When Beem i-Joy Café is my first Siebträgermaschine. Although I also have a fully automatic, but has always been interested in such a machine.

First of all: my expectations were not all too big. However, I've always wanted a coffee machine, with which I can drink fast times a morning coffee without having to go through the procedure of fully automatic machines.

After unpacking initially I was impressed with the great design of the machine. Sure you have to clean them from time to time to remove fingerprints, etc. on the glossy surface. But the cleaning adheres otherwise limited.

The operation is very simple - fill water, insert milk container, fill with ground coffee filter holder, press program button - done!

The removal and screwing the filter holder is not to be underestimated in such a machine. Delicate Women should therefore before making a purchase in an electric market for testing times a portafilter off and screwing. Here you have to keep the machine (also from other manufacturers) already established, so that does not slide around.

However, the coffee experience compensates for this "trouble". I must honestly say that we better than the taste of the coffee from the Siebträgermaschine from fully automatic. We use the fully automatic bean manufacturer "Lavazza" and have therefore decided in favor of the powder of this manufacturer. This enabled us to good and fair comparisons.

The milk froth generated by the engine is hot, beautiful frothy and the crema of the coffee is great. Ultimately, you get a very tasty coffee and for relatively little money. The additional costs for comparison with a commercial filter coffee machine are money well spent. The result of the coffee - whether cappuccino, latte or Lungo is just great and worth every penny!

The cleaning procedure is simple from the hand and the operation is very simple and almost self-explanatory.

But as pictures worth a thousand words to say I have the review a video added. Here I prepare for a cappuccino. Sehst itself the result. The coffee tastes as good as it looks here ;-)

Strong buy recommendation !!!

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July 2
All The Best; Prima Shop; Rank: 5/5
December 1
Do not miss 14 Rank: 5/5
May 17
Nickel 33182 Rank: 5/5
January 22
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December 29

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