Excellent manual to address the Quantum Touch

Excellent manual to address the Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch 2.0 - Redefining Human (Paperback)

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This manual provides a treatment technique, adapted to both physical illness quaux psychological disorders (behavior and performance) and evil being. It helps healing in space (this is to say that one can treat a person who is away from you, even very far) and in time (of events traumatic healing the past, for example). So here it comes dune revolutionary medication, it must be lavouer, which uses the energy of the heart chakra.

A simple method yet proposed by Richard Gordon, author and practitioner who knew the detail with clarity. The chapters are short, very clear and suitable texts for all audiences, which is very significant.

A result of exercises turns the touch Quatum implemented gradually. The author does not neglect any vital information and there is no difficulty in implementing them. I also said that this method does not need to believe in its effectiveness. It can be an incurable skeptic without having of incidence on the expected results.

Several chapters are devoted to a part of the human body with its special problems. Each time, the author provides information on anatomy (with drawings) to help readers who wish to know more on this. It shows how to implement the technique and discusses his personal experiences, gives practical advice.

There are two in louvrage FAQ (questions and answers), both practical, useful and accurate. The chakras are studied (including the 8th, 9th and 10th are usually little mentioned) and lemploi symbols to activate healing.

The author explains how share grants (mean by that, talents developed by each can this be a great memory for example) with other people. A chapter really amazing, it must be said! A final chapter explains how to meditate through Quantum touch.

In conclusion, a very good guide to me. Jen enjoyed all parts, ease of understanding and practice (most important!). The exercises are downright easy to apply, even sils may take time before being made optimally. Be aware that it should not be too hasty. This is an interesting book that recalls in some ways the law of the attraction or the Divine Matrix Greg Braden. I can only recommend to any open-minded person because I think that this method is of great interest.

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