Excellent manual to start or expand / improve practice

Excellent manual to start or expand / improve practice

Yoga Body and mind (Album)

Customer Review

Well finished book, glossy quality, very pleasant to browse. The format makes it convenient to have opened near his belt: we come to decipher the same explanation when one is trying to practice.

Two complementary and interesting parts:

1- "theory" of yoga, without going into too much esoteric concepts, this book introduces the origin of yoga, the different currents, why asanas and breathing, etc ...
Very interesting to read even when you start, you can skim this part but still have a minimum of culture, but even more interesting to read when we did yoga for some time from a "gym" and that the we want to deepen the spiritual side of discipline.

2- details of postures with large pictures very well framed for understanding the correct alignment, and thus avoid the risk of getting hurt, even if you practice at home alone.
For complex postures, there are series of photographs that detail how to enter the posture and how to get out, this is very well explained, yet very practical once if we want to start.
(Especially that often during the yoga classes, the teachers do not take the time to detail the correct alignment)

There are also photo montages very well made with superposition of a "skinned" which allows viewing precisely what muscles contract or stretch and therefore to know "where you must feel that it works."

I am thrilled with this purchase and I recommend this book to all practitioners of yoga, beginners who want to start without risking their health, confirmed that want to improve their alignments or uncover all the spirituality of yoga, and especially those who want to practice alone at home, it's a great help.

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