Excellent summary on the subject

Excellent summary on the subject

Extrasensory perception (Paperback)

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This book takes the trouble to define what evidence from the scientific point of view and to understand the motivations and reasons why some scientists remain wary refractory or face certain scientific discoveries that could call into question not simply a "hypothesis" commonplace, but downright lifestyles and more, another worldview. Thus, the most sectarian of them even refuse any debate or any possibility of challenging their beliefs, working hypotheses or ideologies that shape their worldview (and therefore deviate facts which might refute partially or completely). Some laugh and refuse even to consider the facts and evidence based argumentation of their opponents. So we noticed the seriousness of some "scientists" pseudo-skeptics who either refuse to examine the facts and scientific studies on specific topics, while others occulteront them not to admit them, and do not even teach to their students. Others, even more dishonest, only cite a few fraudulent or doubtful cases, to operate the amalgam from a hasty generalization (putting in the same category, although the documented cases and fraudulent or questionable cases).

Regarding the studies and experiments cited in this book, they are both numerous and clear, as well as quotes and explanations many scientists (psychologists, physicists, statisticians, neuroscientists, etc.).
This book offers the advantage of providing a very good summary of the state of current knowledge in this field, and it is on top of that, well documented.
The evidence is there, and so well attest to the reality of the phenomena "para-psi" that demonstrate the reality of other existential in the real, ie non-physical / non-material, as it is not possible to quantify and energy communications does not appear from the "physical assault".
The fact that certain phenomena are not totally reproducible, it's normal, because even in the field of psychology, there are data that are not physical (ie non-quantifiable) and which are therefore not fully manipulable to "force" the relentless reproducibility of the same phenomenon. Example: understanding the motivations of individuals in relation to certain thoughts or actions, it is not possible to force them to always show the same psychological state, the same thoughts, etc., then what about the phenomena difficult "controllable" and that go beyond the physical?

In short, an excellent book on the subject, and also the question of the nature (the non-physical known) of "phenomena (para) psi".

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