Exciting thriller with flashbacks to the Thatcher era

Exciting thriller with flashbacks to the Thatcher era

A Darker Domain (Paperback)

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The latest work by Val McDermid plays on two time levels. When the Thatcher government was in the summer of 2007, mainly in Scotland and Italy, and in 1984 in the clinch with the miners and the country was rocked by almost one-year strike.

In summer 2007, Misha Prentice announces her father to the police in Edinburgh missing. Karen Pirie of the Department of unsolved cases (so-called "cold cases") has taken up the matter, because Mick Prentice disappeared over 22 years ago, during the strike of the miners. Shortly afterwards, she gets passed, have emerged in the new evidence another old case. 22 years ago, the daughter and the grandson of Sir Brodie Maclennan Grant were kidnapped and the daughter died at the ransom drop. Neither the grandson still the kidnappers were ever discovered.

Despite the numerous storylines and the different time levels, the book reads very fluently. The first third is rather the introduction and is very interesting, exciting, it is in the other two third dumplings. Attentive readers will have long suspected the outcome before the end, yet it remains until the final exciting.

"Night at day" stands out not only by the well-constructed story, but also realistic main characters and the empathetic portrayals of the situation in the affected miners and their families. Val McDermid himself comes from a mining region and can therefore fall back on their own memories and those of their family.

A captivating thriller, well told, with a dose of British humor and without much bloodshed.

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