Expected more!

Expected more!

Fast & Furious (Audio CD)

Customer Review

Since I've been the first part of "The Fast and the Furious" is not only the DVD, but because of the hot hip-hop tracks, always get the soundtracks to the house, it was allowed in the fourth installment of the film series, of course, turn out not ,
But this time I bought the CD not necessarily for the reason because I want to complete the series, but because of the song "Virtual Diva" by Don Omar. The song has given me then already so much in the movie that I wanted to have it. A brilliant reggaeton song of cruising across the street is really cool. Only because of this song I then bought the entire soundtrack.
While listening to the album it comes one but not before like the soundtrack of a film, but as a Pitbull album. Because of total of 11 tracks, 5 songs are alone only from him. With Pharell Williams, who can also be heard in at least 4 songs as a feature, could be described this CD as Pharrell Pitbull and collabo album.

I myself celebration Pitbull's old stuff actually also. His albums "Miami" and "El Mariel" I have heard up and down time. But the songs on the Fast and Furious 4 Soundtrack, are too commercial for me. Though this may convince some other songs.
My favorite tracks are:

Track 02: Busta Rhymes - G-Stro (This song has a great beat, as it must be Busta Rhymes Flowt as always extremely well from it is one of the best songs on the album...)

Track 04: Pitbull feat. Pharrell - Blanco (It is a common newfangled Pitbull song, although I absolutely do not like this Kommer Zille Music, Blanco is still useable but still a good club track which you can pump.)

Track 07:. Shark City Click - Head Bust (I nochnie previously heard of this rap group, but their song is really extremely horny If I want to hear Hip Hop, then in any case something like The Beat bangs well and rap also Also.. here seems Pharrell his hands to have had in the game, the track where he raps zuminest the hook.)

Track 09: Don Omar - Virtual Diva (This song I celebrated since the scene as Vin Diesel runs through a club and the song is played there really cool especially if you like reggaeton..)

Unfortunately, I found this album not as confident as the Fast and Furious was still 1 and 2 Soundtrack.
Clearly one needs a soundtrack not always automatically expect that daruaf always the same music genre is represented, but annex of the songs that you hear in the film, one can already partially take a picture of the album, at least.
From Hip Hop Reggaeton over bishin to RnB this album really has everything to offer.

For those who like the movie, this CD you can buy calmly.
I think that most of the songs were also produced specifically here for this album only and probably not occur again on the albums of the respective Künster. Is at least a guess.
I give 3 stars.

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