Extraordinary tales adaptation

Extraordinary tales adaptation

Dorothy Must Die (Hardcover)

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"Dorothy Must Die" was very high on my must-read list. Since I'm very excited about the newly adapted fairy tales and Oz is one of my favorite fairy tales, my expectations were relatively high.

Amy Gumm lives a bad life. Bullied by her classmates, although they neither have a higher standard of living nor any other recognizable value, and tolerated by her mother only. This can also partly blame the illness of the mother, by her depression and the associated tablets it is often days lethargic and cares about nothing. After that she is totally aufgepusht again and lets Amy always standing in the rain, so even on the night of the hurricane.

This Amy is obviously not a girl with excessive self-confidence. Naturally, however, this whining is just annoying but throughout history. Especially if it is repeated and is intended at the most inopportune moments it. But, it would be no good if the story would not change. Amy is the invisible Trailer Park Girl for confident fighter. It is characterized by their humor and their well-Paraten sayings. You must often make difficult decisions and consider who you can trust, because this Oz is not a place full of sunshine and good humor.

The story is true. There Oz, there's the wizard, there's the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Lion. And in the middle Dorothy, who once saved from the evil witch the country and just wanted to go home. But Well, the story went further. Dorothy returned to Oz back, was crowned Queen and stole the magic. Since then, the former splendor of Oz is no longer recognizable ..

The world as the author created them is bleak. The Munchkins are similar in appearance to punks, they are tattooed, have colorful hair and a big mouth. The Scarecrow reminded me a little of "Edward Scissorhands", the whole setting looked like a Tim Burton movie minimal. Not quite as fantastic and bizarre, but the potential was to guess, anyway. The author gave each figure something sinister, playing with the good-and-evil effect. Because if the scarecrow already experimented on humans and animals, how bad the evil witches can then be?

Both Amy learns the hard way. She is trained by the witches, their magic is taught and it is put to a tough test for their goal. Nox is a magician, he trains Amy and her case is also very close. But when everything is threatening to fail, you can no longer distinguish between good and evil, who can be trusted then? And who was her mysterious savior when she arrived in Oz ..

At first I was still ambivalent, the story took a long time to get going. On one hand, I liked the idea, the implementation liked in principle, but the spark was not quite over. Something was missing the entire fortune. Every now and then the story was, unfortunately, long-winded, especially just before the half of the book. Some characters were also gray, I would have liked to see more details. But when finally nails were made with heads and the story began to turn on, I was very pleased again. The author has made quite a lot of trouble here, although it has the basic structure of "The Wizard of Oz" maintained, but around it recreated the whole completely.

Positive mention I need to remember that the author is not afraid to take drastic measures had in its history. So they ran out of nothing, neither death nor torture and even at the very beginning. That dares not everyone, certainly not in a YA. But we must not under any circumstances expect a great love story here, because it plays only a minor role. Primarily, it is quite clear to Amy's life, her inner conflict, their new life in Oz, and their abilities. It also shows how quickly can the boundaries between good and evil, and the effects of some actions.

Drivers who want to read an exciting, eerie fairytale adaptation, and has a penchant for gloomy is not afraid even before some sarcastic saying I can put "Dorothy must die" with good conscience to the heart. It was not all about, in some places I wanted more speed and even individual characters remained colorless but when can I debut the band mostly described as successful. The second volume is certainly allowed to move in with me. This can be done by me good 4/5 Rawr's

English: Beginners +

Sarah Rawrpunx

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