Extremely sensitive to cracking, difficult to roll up, must lie flat when rolling, absolute bad buy!

Extremely sensitive to cracking, difficult to roll up, must lie flat when rolling, absolute bad buy!

Gardena 756-20 Classic roll-fix Flat Hose, roll-fix 15 (15m) (Garden & Outdoors)

Customer Review

The tubing is absolutely not the same as a conventional garden hose and extremely sensitive to cracking. This means that it is not possible for example to take out the hose to a tap at the sink because flow through the kink of the water can not or only with very low pressure caused by the sink. Likewise, not at a loss for a house corner or leave as water flying in a ton because of the bends where a normal tube (even a low-quality) would make only a gentle curve to it.

The hose must be completely unrolled to be used can. That was me before buying clear how difficult the distance but particularly but curling is not. When winding the crank falls continuously from - no wonder after it is firstly mounted very delicate and under huge pressure because the water is due to buckling can not be carried out if you want to empty the hose for example in the bath tub.

The tube can only be rolled up by an individual if he is just because kinks would avoid forcing out the water. If you have no such possibility, it is almost impossible to roll it alone (or would take half an hour, I have to give up after 15 minutes and am otherwise really a patient person). This is in my opinion the biggest problem: if I had 15 meters area where I could lie down a garden hose straight, then I would have me but not overpriced hose only buy so I can stow it space-saving! For buyers with limited space of the hose is in my view therefore unsuitable.

Great Cable 1 Rank: 5/5
November 20
Absolute buy recommendation. 46 Rank: 5/5
December 18
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March 21
Excellent! 259 50136341 Rank: 5/5
October 4

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