Fantastic story and atmosphere with decent shooter action and small weaknesses

Fantastic story and atmosphere with decent shooter action and small weaknesses

BioShock: Infinite (uncut) - [PC] (computer game)

Customer Review

Bioshock 1 and 2 are for me still two of the best video games out there, this is due to inter alia the tight and great atmosphere as well as the fascinating history behind the more than successful shooters.
Since Bioshock Infinite will no longer play in the dark underwater Utopia but rises into the air and also the story and the characters are completely different, you do not necessarily Bioshock 1 or 2 have played to understand the game or the action, although there are Here and there small allusions to the predecessor, that it ended up being too pretty.

The Game:

Is primarily a first-person shooter that takes place in the past and therefore can not come up with high-tech weapons but rather classical weapons (but there are surprises), this detracts from the fun but not in any way.
The controls are quite comfortable albeit compared to a Call of Duty slower and a bit spongy.
For this right, the action and the game lives from the great history and the intense atmosphere in a unique world.
Playful but there are of course parallels to its predecessors, so you can here again special abilities (such as shoot fireballs, hurl lightning, etc ...) to use the opponents hell to make hot.
Although these skills will no longer call plasmids but Vigors and there are many new features but the principle is the same in anything.
And who has found his fun on the plasmids in Bioshock already, can look forward, because it can now even different Vigors be combined which opens up completely new possibilities and extra fun.
Also you go your way but not always alone with Elizabeth, who strongly supported you and share with your skills you can.
Elisabeth was built fantastic in the game and the interaction with their works awesome!
Another highlight is the Rail Pass, which you move through the city quickly and spectacularly, although these passages would might be a bit longer, but loosen nicely on the whole.
The different enemy types and bosses are great and the staged fights are great fun!
There are turrets that can be drawn on his using a special ability and then to attack opponents.
In addition, there is a lot to gain, so always keep an eye out for beautiful silver coins, and the like open.
The Virgos can also be improved and placed as traps to surprise the opponent.

The History:

I had already fear that the story of Bioshock Infinite not quite to the intensity and density of the first two parts Ran comes but what can I say ... though I took some time, but then I could but in the great staged and compelling story (and the world), which sent the curiosity constantly increases, drop.
But also the many interesting and unique characters make constantly wanting more.
And if one has succumbed to the spell of Columbia once, you can get despite the lofty heights in a wonderful Tiefenrausch alá Bioshock 1 & 2.

You have a lot of debt and get a pretty basic stuff, if you bring Elisabeth from the air city of Columbia, will you forgive all debts ... because it sounds like a fair deal, you make yourselves on the way to Columbia and ends up in a peaceful and wonderful city, you can admire in their drive comfortably the cute inhabitants.
The idyll however changes abruptly when her scheming unmasked as an evil will and already sets the city their evil and brutal face on and you are fighting for survival and makes you searching for Elisabeth.
The longer you move into the city, the deeper you dive into the dark secrets that lie dormant in her. And so the innocent facade crumbles and gives her brutal secret gradually price.
But Elizabeth and yourself comes her little by little closer, closer than you might love.


+ It was created a whole new Utopia
+ Columbia is a successful and credible world that looks good Graphically
+ Great alternation between peace and Massive Action
+ Nice graphics with small weaknesses in detail
+ New and ingenious characters
+ Cool bosses
+ Class, Intense story with twists and an end to the long brooding
+ Great synchronization, and even the German can be heard
+ New special abilities, even combined (which are great staged)
+ Exciting staging
+ New and partially really cool opponents
+ AI is pretty good though not optimal
+ Many audio recordings Collectible
+ Good shooter action
+ Elisabeth was built ingeniously into play and support very well
+ There is much to discover and collect
+ Approx. 13 hours playing time


Design is a matter of taste and can one or the other quenching
-The Brachiation from hook to hook Station Station acts unspectacular and simple
-wenige moral decisions
-Gesichtsanimationen Bit weak
-No Really free game world

I can understand when one or the other can be put off by the game design or something after an hour has not yet become really warm with the game.
But after about an hour of play the game properly takes ride on and then you have internalized the gameplay and get used to the style.
Who can not be put off so gets a great intense and really good story staged in a private fantasy world that moves away from the pabulum.
A highlight is Elizabeth, who was fantastic involved in the game and interfere at any time, but a genial companion and helper.
The many special abilities are great staged and give the game some pepper (even if they are not as necessary as in the predecessor).
Succeeded are also tracking shots, although this had something can often fail or longer, but offer a welcome change.
Those looking for no 0815 Shooter with fast Gamplay but feel free to be inspired by history and atmosphere, will certainly have fun with Bioshock Infinite.
What you get here is far from uniformity and thought-provoking.

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