Favorite camera for the average Joe clippers who like it simple and easy.

Favorite camera for the average Joe clippers who like it simple and easy.

Canon IXUS 155 Digital Camera (20 Megapixel, 10x opt. Zoom, 6.8 cm (2.6 inch) LCD, HD-ready) (Electronics)

Customer Review

(Update see below!)

I was lucky to get this camera to the previous camera (a Canon - the IXUS HS 220) me comes after three years of intensive use slow ... freck. Say, the mechanics do not want there. Therefore the same admission: I a fan of Canon cameras and loyal to the brand, because the operating concept is simple and therefore passed over for me already in the flesh. Already the predecessor was a fine wherever you go. When I see how (strong) I have dealt with them has kept even long. We had two pieces of a has not withstood the dust load in Afghanistan, in my front is this cover plate of the extendable lens constantly fell out and the locking mechanism has clamped - no wonder, because as I said, always there and always without protection in the partly dusty handbag , But still works.

In the range of IXUS - models I can not say whether there are better or worse, so that I can think of in one or two sentences to first:
Lightweight with long haltendem battery (charger included), and good images and videos with intuitive operation. From near to far to me the photo quality is enough perfectly in order for my need to process vacation photos to photo books.

Important to know! This camera does not have Wi-Fi or smart functions, ie images are stored on a (not supplied) SD card. Everything as we know it for years. It also SDHC and SDHX are incidentally detected cards - under Class 10 I use hardly SD card.
Conclusion: For me again optimum anywhere - in the foreground stands with me also that the battery can withstand a few days holiday Knipserei! The charger is eating some bread, the battery is charged quickly, or it makes a not NB-4L (eg Original Battery for Canon NB-4L original type, Li-Ion, 3.7V) for replacement.

++ Macro area: Result / quality has nothing to do with an SLR, but at least you can record up to 2 cm in front of the lens. With a tripod and a little patience and good lighting is still possible and the results are sharp and clear. (Images of photographs I would like shown as a customer photo, but this possibility there are currently on the page here, unfortunately not.)

+ Moving objects: sports, animals ... in the movement: Good results.

+ Flash: Sufficient for short-range, quick to deploy.

+ Videos: Great quality, ease of use for video recording.

... All for Knips-lay in automatic mode, ie without knowledge!

+++ With a little search to quickly find even in some interesting recording modes, which I like to use: the Fisheye Effect and Miniature mode (Tip testing times for Selfies!). (Be sure to try, to city tours!). So you can showcase funny images quickly even without image editing software.

+++ Lightweight

(Must be loaded in the charger supplied.) - +++ Powerful integrated battery - type NB-4L

+/- No bag no SD card included, for at least the hand-strap

- Display barely usable when the sun shines.

- Long-term behavior and the first problems:
The battery lasts seemingly forever, at least can be seen from the battery level indicator on the screen, not that he is running low. That's why I thought ncihts present when starting and "Charge the battery" on the text showed up (the one-off) ... in fact the unit has then (seemingly without logical pattern) off alone. It went well for a few photos, then they will come back on spontaneously. At first I thought this would be some defect, but at some point he could not continue, and it only appeared yet "to recharge". Okay then so charged battery and lo and behold ... everything works as usual again. It turns out now as well nciht more abruptly.

- Viewfinder missing and screen reflects. One has to rely in good weather at the mercy of the screen or you snaps into the unknown. I had already mentioned it but now I mention it again: annoying Reflecting the screen. In Motorradurlaub IC have usually like to have a handy camera with me, but because you could not see anything on the screen, I am constantly switched to the Sony NEX. However, the images are also correspondingly better of a camera system.

Again a long-term Summary: Good camera, if it is to go fast times. But for beautiful motifs and beautiful weather I suppose they do not, because it is more beautiful and easier to read (folding less reflective screen and viewfinder)

For the price I would have not expected to send it might have been, if would have been a memory card with one of the party, so it is important to consider when buying --- which I recommend anyway the camera with a powerful SDHC card in the area equip 16 or 32 GB.

In my time available I can not see any flaws, the assessment would not change if necessary.
Until then, I rely on my gut feeling (characterized by many years of positive impressions with Canon IXUS cameras) and speak from a recommendation ...
... Especially for average Joe Clippers want to adjust not much and want to make a little movie every now and then.

---- UPDATE, September 2014 ----
A few months in operation - here new impressions, or abnormalities:

The battery sucks. On the one hand you can certainly emphasize positive that it lasts a long time - a very long time. If not exactly leave and is much snapped - a few months! But if he then goes blank, you realize that only when the camera turns off suddenly. (This is of course stupid then!)
The phenomenon that I just so off the camera, took me a long time ago busy until I did it was that the battery is empty.
It brings me again and again. And it sucks. There is no warning that the battery is empty ... the battery indicator has only three bars and I am 100% sure that I have started on Monday morning with 2 bar to make a series of photos (with appropriate preparations for this .. ..). After the third photo, the camera turns off. Sense! Doof ...
After that want to make the battery into the charger and on Tuesday morning on again ... again, the power turns off for a photo.
So what is happening again?
I had the battery plugged into the charger, and trusts that the battery is charging.
On closer inspection so falls on the next problem: battery is charged as the charger / the contact has a wobbler.
Beautiful crap.
One can these wobbles * * reproduce (for loose connection vulgo), which means you can install the battery into the charger and if you do not derauf respects that the CHARGE lamp lights up, nothing happens.
Although there is a spring mechanism pushes the battery to the charging contacts, but somehow you have to insert / straighten before the CHARGE lamp starts to light up the battery in a certain position.

Since I have now watched closely, I also noticed that the entire battery is charged within one hour (then switches the LED of CHARGE (red light) to full (green light) to -. This is very positive that the so goes fast.

I am aware no replacement battery purchased at the camera, I found the battery so nice and strong, but I will probably not come around and here we come to the next problem: I particularly like is not that because of the previous cameras (at least three different Canon Digcam generations) I have 3 left NB4L lying around that I no longer need.

The photos of the camera I've described as very good. This was meant very good "for a digi cam. The Close function and passport photo function I use even regularly, but the photos can not all compete in the least with a system camera. With its program now also in the low price segment good system cameras give I'll look out for replacement (also for everyday wear) out, because one struck me also: Snapshots makes any smartphone almost in quality as this camera, so this format is quite slow ... obsolete.

Now for the battery problem, I prefer (Sept. 2014) in the evaluation still a ZIP code. I can recommend a product that even remotely contains a Nerv. factor.
---- End UPDATE, September 2014 ----

PS. If the assessment have fallen or helped, I would appreciate a review. In this way, know whether such extensive experience / reports and long-term experiences are useful to the reviewer. Thank you! ;-)

Does what it says 52 Rank: 5/5
November 3
Design close to the original Rank: 5/5
January 19
Disappointed by the price Rank: 3/5
January 13
no use 2 1 Rank: 1/5
September 28
A treasure chest 1 Rank: 5/5
August 20

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