Finally, a docking station that works!

Finally, a docking station that works!

Delock Dual Docking Station SATA HDD to USB 3.0 with Clone function (optional)

Customer Review

A few months ago I bought an Icy Box, which has the same technical specifications as the here-reviewed DeLOCK so two bays for optional 2.5 or 3.5-inch SATA drives, connecting to a PC via USB3 and built clone function.

While the Icy Box Seeming comes cheap and dowdy, the DeLOCK acts by their rounded corner and the two colors to me much more modern - but this is of course subjective and always is in the eye of the beholder.

The built-in technology certainly seems reliable and rock solid:

So far no problems during operation are determine neither the clones still in operation as a docking station. There were already a number of 2.5 "HDDs to SSDs gecloned what precedes properly and fairly quickly. Currently just running a 500GB to 500GB-clone process which takes about 2.5 hours.

Hard drives are reliably identified and started, the power supply seems sufficient size. When Icy Box I had here such as problems that this was partly too weak to allow the start only a 3.5 HDD, let alone two. Clone operations broke off, and from the very beginning. I sent them back because of the described deficiencies and had exchanged for an identical new device, which is probably standard. Not so with the DeLOCK - I can only say, all the best.

Handling: Very good and simple (exception: see below)
Connection: simply and easily, are indeed nothing big to connect
Reliability: Excellent

Two little flaws in the design, there is still, therefore 1 star deduction total:

1. If you do not so often cloned, you have to draw the user's guide to be sure, when the clone is complete. I would like to see here is that a green light comes on, indicating the end of the copy process reliably and unambiguously. UPDATE 12/12/13: The copy process is actually finished when all four indicators light% throughout, which one is best for a few seconds followed closely.

2. The SATA connectors are very scarce in the shaft. Although this is for normal HDDs fit, the other day I got a small 120GB SSD gecloned from an Ultrabook to 480GB, and as the Ultrabook manufacturers had installed an SSD, with the 2mm the SATA connectors were further inside, the 120 left SSD is not stuck in the SATA connectors. I had to break down because of the tight space in the shaft, the DeLOCK so the board with the two SATA ports was exposed, and was only then start the clone operation in the sequence. This is more than inconvenient. A little more space to the rear would be nice, or else the Mitliefern a small extension cord to carry out the connection out of the box.

Therefore, there are in total for this still very good product four stars and a strong buy recommendation. Caution, as I said, only in connection reclusive linings of some manufacturers, because it can be just to put it in the slot.

UPDATE 12/12/2013:

After a few more clone processes I am still very happy with the Docking Station.

A problem has occurred, which certainly could be solved by the manufacturer over another firmware.

The docking station is not able to clone small to large. This is of course only once of course, finally can not pour two liters of water into a one-liter jar you ;-)

So I had earlier course to clonende 500GB HDD partitioned so that it consisted of three partitions:

1. 100 MB for Windows 7 - systemic partition
2. 100 GB as a system partition
3. Rest: Completely empty partition

Target plate was a 120 GB SSD.

I would now like to see the dock the partitions sequentially executes, ie, if 2 partitions can be gecloned, should they do that MMN and let the third unnoticed. She does not, but denies the Clone operation as a whole.

This feature I find not good solved and improved. They meant that I had to run it on the PC clone operation.

Nevertheless: A good and reliable box, which I still pronounce a buy recommendation, and I would buy myself well informed of their negative characteristics at any time.

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