Finally a perfect remote control for the whole family!

Finally a perfect remote control for the whole family!

Logitech Harmony SmartControl Hub + Remote Control Black (Accessories)

Customer Review

What did I ever searched for the perfect remote control that not only provides a lot of configuration options, all my devices supported, the necessary WAF has so my wife she accepted and is not overloaded, so that my children can use it easily.
So here it is, the Harmony SmartControl.

I use the app actually just in between times and more for fun or if the normal remote control is not tangible. The normal remote control is perfect in my opinion. She looks very good, is great in the hand, is pretty small and light, yet provides access to all the functions (especially with REAL keys). And through the wireless connection it must also be held as you like and still signals all arrive without any problems.
I really do not understand that this is marketed by Logitech just as Notfernbedienung. Compared to the touch or Ultimate has the great advantage that give all keys are genuine, and the number buttons. I like this blind rumgetippe on touch-screen buttons do not, but rather feel real keys.
As long as you go there with a maximum of 6 actions and a maximum of 8 devices, I would issue a full recommendation here.
The actions can be selected via the 3 action buttons with either short or long pressure. So you just go on 6 actions total.

The installation and programming went super fix. Unwrapped, connected to the hub Macbook. Connected to the 2.4 GHz WLAN my Fritz box 7390 and equipment and set up actions. Everything went without any problems and I was in about 30 minutes by. My Device: JVC HD-65 TV, Panasonic DMR 130HCT, Pioneer HM71K, Apple TV, LG BP420 and a 3-Port HDMI Switch. All devices are working properly and finally a direct input selection is for my TV, which was not possible with other remote controls.
The iOS remote control on iPad and iPhone I have tried and they function properly, even if iPhone / iPad to be operated in parallel 5 GHz WLAN Fritzbox. There, however, I like to order the meager opportunities the keys themselves not much. Especially on the iPhone a lot of space is given away here and you hardly get the most important buttons on a screen.
But as I said, I see it more the other way: the correct remote control is perfect and the app can only be regarded as an emergency remote control.

As a remote control for the whole family just great and recommended 100%!

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November 5
Perfect! January 2627 Rank: 5/5
April 15
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January 3
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February 26

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