first top, then oh dear, now ok, after 1 month 5 *

first top, then oh dear, now ok, after 1 month 5 *

MSI GE60-I547W7H 39.6 cm (15.6-inch) notebook (Intel Core i5 3210m, 2.5GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, NVIDIA GT 650M, DVD, Win 7 HP) Black (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

I have the power now since 2 days. the system is so new, useless I deleted. is thankfully less waste as installed on other.
The processing is in my view great. no gaps, keyboard feels good, not spongy. the display is simply superb. sharp, bright and matt. graphics performance surprised me a bit, actually negative. I had previously a notebook with i5 + hd 5850m and DDR3. this has indeed a new and actually much stronger GPU and GDDR5. how do I get to this finding? Well, I played with my "old" Nb Battlefield 3 with a 1280 resolution, all medium smoothly. with this MSI I create while a 1400 resolution, but only on MITTEL.manchmal jerky even. The latest drivers are on it. Anmkerung: Power = Multiplayer BF3. In single player, I play all at a 1600 resolution on HIGH.

to the effect, I think, however, that the drivers are far from their potential, which are probably a little later exhaust the full power of the new graphics chips.

to the CPU. It is a new processor of Ivy serie.eigentlich should be fast. All I can say that my "old" i5 first generation was faster. the Windows startup takes nearly twice as long with this MSI.

super positive, the volume of the device. The fans are whisper quiet. the switchable power-cool touch of a button is the hammer. we apparatus exemplary cooled, except the part is in the blazing sun. in idle, it is impossible to hear. the nb automatically switches between Intel HD and NVIDIA graphics back and forth without you noticing it.

the device is based on the price and thus offered facilities TOP. Only the somewhat disappointing graphics power, which was indeed announced as full-bodied with the Keppler-core is objectionable. therefore no 5 *

you waiting for "better" driver from the device is safe even for a while do the service with me. I am running the unit with ext.monitor 22 inches via VGA. HDMI is not recommended because the top and bottom, these bars are displayed.

Update: 19:05:12

I played yesterday 3h BF3 and the NB is a mystery to me. the CPU with the new Ivy architecture is not only subjective, but also measurably slower.

on exiting the game, so log-out, takes the back almost 1 minute to Windows, so the CPU is stressed. the subsequent shutdown lasted 2 minutes for Windows "Lust had" to exit. the CPU is definitely too slow, no idea how that's possible. to ask other buyers tell me if they have similar observed.

---> On amendment 3 * due to the overall performance

Update ..31.05.2012

2.'ve 4GB bars in! since running smoothly Battlefield 3. without stuttering, dropouts. all liquid and smoother. Who told you that the ram makes no difference in BF3, which is on the wrong track.

Update 09/06/2012

after the 4 GB of additional RAM, I now play BF3 with a 1600 resolution all on high. 2x antialiasing on incl. 2x post antialiasing. when you quit the game now includes immediately within 2 seconds and I can immediately continue working in Windows. previously I had to wait up to 1 minute, because the memory was completely exhausted.

WITHOUT 4GB Extra jerky game !!!!!!

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