For me only conditionally suited

For me only conditionally suited

Autosol 01 D01290 Anti Blue, 125 ml (Automotive)

Customer Review

Applied to the manifold of a Duc Monster 1100 Evo. I think I can remember that the manifolds were matte gold at delivery (New moped) or have had a slightly golden tint, which really looked very nice (maybe this had also been the first discoloration). Over time (13 TKM) are but these become much darker, a "refresher" was in my opinion, necessary. After applying with Autosol Anti Blue is no longer the case (golden touch). The manifolds are now bright matt silver. So "Color" from actually works, whether intentionally or not ;-) Unfortunately manifold firstly welds (because nothing changed) and, above all, some places which itself may have even fired a shoeprint or any liquids. These stains I after repeated use (with sponge rub vigorously, soak, rub then rinse) does not get away. The problem is that these spots are not noticed in the dark golden bend - on the bright shining silver but already: - / With a "scratch sponge" I do not dare, however, to the elbow, possibly the problem would be solved, however, even further I want to make worse it not ;-)

Very good! 672 Rank: 5/5
January 12
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September 20
very small bag Rank: 3/5
May 24
Still as Rock & Roll Rank: 4/5
June 20
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June 20

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