For me senseless batteries eaters: face brush flop and the epilator can not what a "real" can not get any better

For me senseless batteries eaters: face brush flop and the epilator can not what a "real" can not get any better

Brown Face 810 Gesichtsepilierer & face cleaning brush (Personal Care)

Customer Review

My legs and armpits I epiliere for the past decades, and although I have certainly also been successfully removed with my "normal" epilator the fine hairs on the upper lip, I was curious to see if the brown Gesichtsepilierer for this application but is still better suited, especially he as an extra also has a facial cleansing brush with it.

Already in obtaining a certain disillusionment with me wide that a Gesichtsepilierer is small and handy, is in the nature of things, but for at least 70 euro is likely the device has a little less easily and rickety act; also at least a simple storage bag should have been doing for the price, so do not loose all parts laying around in the closet and have to be culled before use only.
That the device can be operated with battery, I found questionable from the outset, but is nevertheless clearly in the product description and I had the hope that at least gets along quite a while with a battery, but before testing the supplied battery must first inserted and be in the time I've spent, I would have three times the tweezers or just to grab my normal epilator.
The battery compartment has a small slot, which you have to aufpopeln.
A coin is a little too thick for it to recommend a knife only for Bloodthirsty because the whole a very fiddly matter is by hand and it does not go.
When I finally get open the thing with a spoon, I was already quite exasperated and the slot already battered to open something.

Works to use the epilator and also recorded fine and short hair.
Only this can be a normal epilator just above the upper lip well or because of the larger work surface even faster and bottom of the chin where you can barely see any hairs "around the corner", brings one of the Gesichtsepilierer also no further than a normal epilator.
The only point at which the Gesichtsepilierer could be a normal superior, is the point between the eyebrows, so on the nose, but because at least I have so rarely even a few hairs that I this had plucked more quickly with tweezers, as I am looking out the epilator and fire up.
However, a good idea is the ability to switch the working direction of the device.

To face brush: Well, also it works.
To what extent you like the scratching and needs, I leave undecided times.
In my opinion, is a peeling, possibly in conjunction with a loofah, better, more thoroughly, more pleasant, just as fast and does not consume batteries.
They're in this device, whether loaded or during epilation while massaging, ratzfatz all, which makes for considerable follow-up costs and the environment.
There is also absolutely no apparent reason why the device is not working with cable or offering battery and corded operation.
Who still wants to massage machine, as there are, as required, both good "normal" epilator that bring as an extra body and facial massage brush or good and cheap separate facial massage devices, which are often even more comfortable, more durable and more hygienic because they with rubber studs massage instead of brushes.

Summary: It Works.
But that's about the only positive thing I can say about this device.
As epilator he can not, that does not create a normal epilator and tweezers at least as good and the cleaning brush I find bad, uncomfortable and scratchy.
In addition, the device is a battery eater by the incomprehensible lack of cable operation and thereby draws in addition to the already high price still a lot of follow-up costs.
Probably it is probably in the nature of things that an epilator or a facial cleansing brush, which are powered by a battery, per se likely to have an appreciable power.
My tip for those interested: Buy instead either a normal epilator with facial and body brush or a simple normal epilator and a separate face cleaning brush.
Since you clearly have more of it and save follow-up costs for batteries.

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