for me the best DS game to date

for me the best DS game to date

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (video game)

Customer Review

Having Zelda The Windwaker hanged for the GC of his time rather fix again to nail, because I'm just not really 'came in', I wanted to give up Phantom Hourglass actually. I personally like the cel shading look not so excessively well, everything's just a matter of taste.
Why do I have but then decided to Phantom Hourglass?
Quite simply, in the absence of other currently more interesting for me playing opportunities, and also because the game has received good reviews (well, the Windwaker back then), and I find the principle to the Explore the Temple very interesting, one can always explore only piecemeal , just before the time runs out.
Something I was skeptical about the control that is purely about the stylus, but immediately fast and easy go of his hand, and I now really good like.
Also the combat system I really like, is that is virtually non-existent, so no hectic knöpfchendrückerei. Simply use the stylus to the Motz, and Zack, he is gone ...
The ability to take notes on the individual regional maps is great, especially if you have a short-term memory, as I did, or sometimes a probably. slightly longer game pausing.
Well, the story, well ... As always halt. little boy mutated throughout the game hero, saves his Holde, and incidentally even the whole world. But honestly, what else I expect also often not, but is nice so;)
The difficulty is in order. There will be again what, which one probably it. is too easy for this are some puzzles and the 'race against time' by the Temple, not even just to solve quickly. I think the difficulty just right, you bite not excessively, the teeth, but also not so easy sweeps through the game.
And you smile you have now and then what. The figures (for me especially Linebeck ^^) are lovingly decorated and humorous.
I myself am surprised at my concedes the game smooth 5 Stars from. For me it's the best DS game that I had so far in games Slot.
Highly Recommended!

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