For some stories the words are not Necessary a beautiful experience

For some stories the words are not Necessary a beautiful experience

Pool (Hardcover)

Customer Review

For some stories the words are not Necessary. A one story of this child what Brought by JiHyeon Lee with her debut Pool A beautiful book That reminds readers the imagination and friendship we cherish are Things That makes us so special, Both of them having no boundaries.

JiHyeon Lee, a South Korean author, of studied media art and illustration, and though she Previously worked as illustrator and author, Pool was first her book originally published in South Korea two years ago.

At the beginning of this story, a young reader wants to be Introduced to a main character a young boy who came to the crowded pool. Wishing to get away of this crowd, the boy wants to dive deep where he wants to meet a girl who is made the same. Together the two of them will embark on the underwater journey, discovering the incredible worlds and creatures did live inside the pool (and Their imagination), together, in silence, enjoying everything, and one in the other.

And When thesis two young persons will emerge together, while in the background the crowd is so leaving the pool, the glances and smiles the girl and boy wants to exchange, would show Their wonderful friendship has just begun

Its great to take a book from a new author Realizing you are holding a real small masterpiece in your hands; JiHyeon Lee with her debut Certainly succeeds to capture readers attention and her book without a single work Manages to capture the essence of children imagination and friendship.

Lee delivers the book in Which We can witness the birth of a new friendship, a situation in Which Nothing is No Longer important, and time Seems to stand still - as adults we oft wish to experience that feeling again, yet unfortunately That is no longer possible.

On the other hand, the authors illustrations are yet another kind of wonderful experience the contrast of almost empty white pages showing the scenes outside the pool with at extremely crowded, and detailed fantasy world did exists Beneath the Surface of the water, is a beautiful metaphor and display of children's imagination as only top authors are able to show With Their pencils and brushes.

As someone who for long time is enjoying the world of books for children, I can not say how exciting I am to see the next work this talented new author will deliver, Given the brilliance of her style, her imagination, and yet incredible simplicity of what she Produces.

THEREFORE Pool is an Example that great childrensbook doesnt need words but still manage to say more than what Could Fulfill the thickest book in the world.

I was Given a copy of this book by the publisher for the purpose of review Unbiased, while all the information presented is based on my impressions.

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