For this price you will hardly get somewhere a lot more for your money.

For this price you will hardly get somewhere a lot more for your money.

INSTAR IN-2905 V2 Weatherproof Wireless network camera for outdoor use (24 LED infrared night vision, IR cut filter, audio input / output) black (accessories)

Customer Review

Housing: Makes a pretty solid and splash resistant impression and is equipped with sealing rings.

Camera Holder / Stand: A silver / gray lacquered holder which is provided with a ball joint and so the assembly, in many positions, quite simply possible.

Picture: 640x480er resolution. With the standard lens, the colors are not reproduced faithfully to 100%, but in turn the lens allows even at night when illuminated by the IR LED's to be able to reproduce an image. (What I feel personally not really disturbing, as I hereby would like to keep my house entrance in mind and want to turn any holiday.) Allow other objectives which a 'faithfully' color reproduction is also available as an accessory, but it takes so well at the same time the Night vision function.)

Instructions: German-speaking guide which provides all the essential information to be able to apply directly to the camera.

Software (access to the web interface of the camera): Relatively easy to use. The basic functions should probably be set by anyone. (If the configuration of the 'e-mail on alarm' setting does not work at once, can be found here useful help in the forum. The settings are also just e-mail provider-dependent and thus not at the same time valid for everyone.)
It would have been nice if you still (Roughly: change of x pixels in a defined area of ​​the image = image or video recording) the alarm range via the web interface could narrow. Depending on the location and setting of the alarm sensitivity example introduces moving by the wind Busch to a recording.
For a few euros there's also a sep. Software through which you can also narrow the range of alert in the picture for example. (Is available as a trial download. So everyone can decide for himself whether he needs this.)

Support: Had in an e-mail request for a heater for the Cam on the same day for a response from support (in German) in the mailbox.
Zus. is the Support / User Forum quite busy so you can also get a lot of information in here.

Price / Performance: For this price you will hardly get somewhere a lot more for your money. Who wants more in terms of image quality, software, etc. here should then probably may also draw quite a corner deep into their pockets. (What was it to me for my purposes are not worth)

Conclusion: In order similar to house entrance to scan (for me) perfectly fine.

Further Details: My approach was to keep our house entrance in the eye in order to see in advance who late at night or early in the morning to ring before you open the door.
So had a camera here which permanently transfers the image.
Because with us anyway always runs any computer in the house when we are at home so everything spoke for a LAN camera.
To evntl. Exclude wireless reception problems in advance and before I had to move a power cable was not a thing to move the CAT cable along with it.

The original selection much to the Instar '2901' (without WLAN).
However, to operate the camera even below 5 ° C or -10 ° C, I wanted to directly order the a corr. Heating.
Short looked at Instar: Sorry, no heating is offered for Instar '2901'.
So a brief email to the support through the contact form of Instar website, with the question of whether u. U. heating for the '2905' in a '2901' can be operated, although this is not explicitly stated. (Can imagine that this had with u. U. by using a sep. Power supply or the like may be possible.)
That same day I received an email from a support staff who had sat down with a technician, would be the answer, that it is generally not impossible, however, associated with some 'handicrafts'. (Severing of cables and u. U. smaller soldering.)

This much the decision then to the '2905' (with WLAN which I do not use currently, but to use the opportunity to present in the accessories 'plug'n'play' Heating with little effort.)
So ordered the camera incl. Associated heating and received quickly.
Unpacked and put it to LAN's. The enclosed CD tool was the camera promptly.
To be able to access the camera via Internet Explorer, summarily carried out a few settings according to the enclosed instructions in IE and the first live image could be seen.
The settings for the camera had to be adjusted to my ideas made fairly quickly without too much difficulty.
The picture in his 640x480er resolution is perfectly adequate for my purposes. (See view of the entrance of about 6-7m away to whoever stands before the door is still okay. Much farther away I would not mount the CAM for this purpose.) (Of course, looking at the camera in a let yards photographed the entrance, but did not so obviously assemble the good piece.)
When moving the camera now corr. Images stored on a USB flash drive which is connected to my router and acc. An FTP server provides. (The router is always on anyway, then he can even FTP server besides playing ^^)
When we are at home runs the way even a laptop showing the live image of the cam and created acc. Video when motion is detected. (Video recordings probably currently possible which accesses only one computer running through a browser to the web interface, or through add. Software. The camera itself does not store videos on an FTP share similar)
Short even for installation of the heater: The heater can be installed by the customer (For a few euros more but also takes over the instar)
A small problem with my camera here was (is probably not at all so) that the cable connection between the lens and the board, which can be to assemble the heating, had front once wrapped around the lens pull out backwards, so I just a few centimeters 'air' had the board backwards to pull out of the housing and aufzustecken the plug for the heating on the board. Regardless, short front screwed the camera, the cables' n bissl given more air and already read the board Pull out correctly.
The installation of the heating is quite easy and was in about 10-15 minutes done.. (Can also go faster if the cord forward not stuck;)

Built the Cam is now in a wooden box into which I cut in front a hole, so that the lens can look through beautiful.
The infrared LEDs for night vision are now concealed by the wooden box. (Need the night vision function not because the area is illuminated by the motion detector lights.)
The cover of the IR LEDs, however, turned out to be a disadvantage now as these now at night very strong reflections caused.
(A similar behavior is probably also (according to forum) when the cam operates at night with active LEDs behind eg a window pane. 'Well is ja ne Outdoor Cam)
Looked further ado in Instar forum if you can somehow disable the LEDs. Behold the power of the LEDs is connected via a connector to the board where you can pull off easily.

Good times, faithful enough Rank: 4/5
September 23
Very good sound! 4 Rank: 4/5
July 21
the highly 72 Rank: 5/5
August 4
Very useful for very greedy cat Rank: 5/5
November 23
Heyy not bad at all Rank: 4/5
October 1
No comparison to the 80/90's ... Rank: 1/5
February 28

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