Forza goes Arcade - For me, the best racing game ever

Forza goes Arcade - For me, the best racing game ever

Forza Horizon 2 - Standard Edition - [Xbox One] (Video Game)

Customer Review

I am already longer a fan of Forza series. I started with Forza Motorsport 3 and 4, which I have gambled very extensively, as they liked me better than Gran Turismo 5, which, although I have also gambled excessively, but Forza I found better and more realistic. Unfortunately, so is a simulation very boring ... always ride in circles for some time, again and again, on the same old routes that hardly differ even from match to match, as there are just routes that it really is and really change indeed not.

Then came Forza Horizon for Xbox 360, and I was absolutely thrilled. An OpenWorld racing game around a fictional festival, and in Forza Quality? Wow! I loved this game without end, but unfortunately the navigable world was quite small. Nevertheless, to date, my favorite racing game.

I bought an Xbox One only because Forza Horizon 2, and believe me, I have not regretted a second. What you get presented here is just awesome. The world is more open than in Part 1 - you can drive a few exceptions really across the prairie. The cars look gigantic. Area unfortunately less, which is a downer. Frankly, the environment is actually quite underground in nährerer consideration when it comes to quality. I do not know if there simply is no longer there, if you want to implement an open world with no loading times, but most of all the houses look like painted cardboard boxes, if you ranfährt times really close. Also popping against a repeatedly textures, partially entire trees. This really does not have to be at the present time. Clear, of around graphic ago is Drive Club for the PS4 and shoulders (I have also), although it can Forza Horizon is not nearly rich 2 the water.

About this shortcoming can be easily overlooked, however, because what makes a racing game is simply placed perfectly. Of course you have to be aware in advance that Forza Horizon 2 no simulation is - even if it says Forza. This does, of course, on the driving behavior of cars that are over Forza Motorsport significantly easier to handle. Even a Bugatti Veyron drives in Forza Horizon as if on rails compared to its counterpart in Forza Motorsport 5. This does not mean that one does not need to bring skills in Forza Horizon. You can also switch off all driving aids here, and then some cars are filled with sheer -. For example the old race cars from the 60's with rear wheel drive. Who wants to dominate without driver aids that needs it can do.

The scope of the game is compared with its predecessor gigantic. And of course there again barn finds, Bonus panels, Blitzer, Tempozohnen etc. New are the driving fun lists, these are events that you do not have to complete, but they are partially quite challenging. Similar events were already in Part 1, but not to the extent. You have z. B. with a particular car in a certain time driving to the destination, or learn a certain amount of skill points. Also show race there again, and they are even more breathtaking than in part. 1

The Forza Horizon Festival now revolves around car tours and several places where take place each Championships. In addition, there are several categories of offroad on muscle cars to the Hyper Cars. Each Championship comprises 4 race - then it goes to the next place and the next championship. Even the journey from place to place is set in the so-called car tours in scene - you really have to go, and will not be easy hingebeamt.

One thing I miss, however, compared to Part 1. In Part 1, there were special enemies that you had to overcome in the course of the "story", and whose car it was allowed to keep a win. This made things somewhat personal - you had the feeling to have right rivals to beat. That is completely eliminated in Part 2. Here you simply runs from championship to championship, and as an opponent has only normal Drivatare. Oh, apropos Drivatare ... that's new. Because the computer opponents are not just computer opponents, but the images of real drivers. Since game itself impresses the driving style of each player and transfers it to its Drivatar. This occurs in other races turn against other players. Although there remain computer-controlled opponents, but with the personal touch of its owner. The whole thing only works if you're using the console online.

Also new are off-road racing, and that really have it in them. Here it goes over hills and meadows, through forests, over streets, through parched rivers ... and you often do not even really know where you have to actually go. You can see the route although on the mini map, and also flares suggest an approximately way, but briefly inattentive, and it may already be over. In this race, I am unfortunately rather badly - although they are fun.

In general, the routes in Forza Horizon 2 are very varied. And the number of cars is gigantic. As for the fleet, it pays off when you have gambled their predecessors. You should log in to the Forza Hub is absolutely, this is a free app for the Xbox One. The hub connects all Forza Forza games that have been played, and you get rewards in the form of credits and donated cars - depending on how much you have achieved in the games. In this way I had with Forza Horizon 2 never had a problem with me to buy expensive cars and good. You get namely often times paid 1.5 million credits. Meanwhile I have all Hyper Cars, all modern and retro supercars and a bunch of other cars, and I still 5 million in the account. Of course you also get after each race Credits, but the Forza Hub earns you a lot more. And unlike Forza Motorsport 5 you have to at Forza Horizon 2 not buy any good car for cash as DLC. There are even here car packs for specific good cars, but even without it you have the same chances to get through's game. This has been improved compared to part 1, because there was no Forza Hub, and you were not regularly showered with credits.

Also through online race you can earn good credits and rise in rank. I play only online, after I finished the first final in single player. There is a second final - it does have to go back many championships, which in offline mode despite everything gets boring. I can not recommend to anyone, even to play against human opponents. Mir makes it extremely fun - of course, one must not there to doggedly struggle marriages, since we know that there are online a lot of trolls, and also a lot of players have become so good that they almost always win, because they apparently do nothing else, as Forza Horizon 2 to gamble online. Leztens I have seen a player with a driver stage 999 - yes, three times nine. I am after 50 hours of play just slightly above level 150. So you can deal with Forza Horizon 2 looooong long if you want.

All in all, the game is just pure fun. Now I could go on and on features included, but then the review would be endlessly long. I can only say in conclusion: If you like arcade racer and an Xbox One calls his own, who must this page, just buy. He will not regret it.

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