Furthermore, the reference class, but still unhappy because big step backwards!

Furthermore, the reference class, but still unhappy because big step backwards!

Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset (optional)

Customer Review

First of all:
I have all Plantronics headsets, Sennheiser and Bose tested to find the optimal device for me. Default was 1 comfort 2. course for me and very important 3. of course my language for others to me. Who knows it: For the 16 Laustprecher Surround motorists, the caller hears in the car class, for those who phoned the traveling, the noise is unbearable. I hold such discussions shortly then, since I feel it a disgrace to endure longer such a thing or even expected of my clients. To me, that resulted as frequent callers in the car to the decision that I would expect anyone anymore despite the best hands-free system and double glazing in passenger cars, the noise. Thus, for 4 years now I telephone with headset and can say the following: For eyeglass wearers like me any ear hook, as well as the Legend, is not optimal. Devices Plantronics Discovery 975 and Bose Headset Series 2 are ideal, since you put it in the ear, yet the weight and hardly feel the glasses out of the way. The Sennheiser's top model for unfolding failed immediately, it wa Hall produced when it had minimal false sat on the ear. The model seems to be also taken from the market.

2 reasons let me once again pick up the Legend: The battery life for the car use is top with 8 hours and the noise reduction is according to my test with the office, the leading device. My assistant asked me the phone with just under 200 km / h if I was already set off! So basically I'm happy top, but additionally will again buy a Bose unit, as this fits perfectly and as wearing glasses does not bother.

Now for the back steps:

1. The device is without protective bag sold (auser in Sweden, there is a case). Why: I already broken one broken because it puts you in a hurry sometimes in the pocket. The bags that are there, are cheapest mass-produced and embarrassing. Here you should Take 5 EUR more for the device and just grab a perfect, high-quality bag to set it.

2. Furthermore, an extremely big annoyance: So far, the Headset with Micro USB was loaded, I have always for Blackberry etc here. Now, the Legend has developed a eignenen USB connector with me previously unknown form (which is clipped to the headset). What a step backwards. I can, if I have forgotten the original charging cable at the office, anywhere invite There is no other device that I know, with such a connector. This is a disgrace for us customers. Here needs to be remedied, and who is responsible for the part, or is fired stone recher adapter vendor. Apparently uses here the EU regulation again not that one unified connector. Another cable in more luggage, it sucks mightily. Thus, I will now get even a Bose final 2 than 2 device that can charge anywhere. For Safety. Nevertheless, 4 stars, because overall for me the best equipment.

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