Gateway drug for higher quality coffee pleasure

Gateway drug for higher quality coffee pleasure

Gaggia RI9403 / 11 Espresso Machines Espresso Machine, frother, stainless steel (houseware)

Customer Review

The machine makes a good visual impression. It is one of the slightly larger models, but still fits well even in smaller kitchens. The stainless steel cladding looks solid and professional. The filter holder is heavy in the hand and gives a reliable impression. All in all, the machine a high-quality picture.

The machine has 3 switch: on-off, steam and water flow. The middle button ("steam") is the milk foaming. If the right red light is lit, the steam has the right temperature. One turn of the steam knob to the right makes foam the milk. The pressure is sufficient milk foam works (tip: working in two stages is best: a little cold milk into the jug, lather, then refill more milk and also to foam).

If the steam switch off, shows the right red light if the water has the right temperature to brew coffee. Pressing the switch forces the water through the filter holder, and the coffee, including Crema runs down into the cup.

What you should know: most (cost) machines, there is only a circuit for hot water and steam for the. Since the temperature of steam is higher, the coffee could burn. Therefore, one should let go through some water after using the steam nozzle first, until the temperature light goes out. Then, the water temperature has reduced to the extent that the actual coffee can be brewed.

But now to the important part: how the coffee tastes?
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For this one must begin by saying that the range of espresso machines is very large: the range 100 to more than 1,000 euros. The tested model is in a league in the central region. Therefore, the expectation should be above the entry-level models, to expect a world-class coffee, but would certainly be wrong.

We have tested the machine with verschiednen coffees: a local roasting with 100% Arabica, a high-quality Italian coffee with 100% Arabica and Robusta a blend with 30% share. Here we have also experimented with different grinding stages.

The first impression:
The coffee opened a good, complex flavor. In comparison, the coffee tastes very watery from our capsule machine. The different coffees come taste clearly: the mild, acid-free, pleasant aftertaste tart note of our local roasting, the elegant round taste of higher-value coffee tables Italy and the extensive aroma of Arabica / Robusta blend.

A beautiful Crema is available. If the coffee runs out of the filter holder, the crema is clearly visible. Here it is noted that the crema incident relatively quickly. However, for cappuccino drinkers it is absolutely sufficient, with a little practice is something "latte art" to make - even if I myself still practice :-)

Important in a device for daily use is also cleaning. Essentially, this is quite straightforward. The pulp can be disassembled and cleaned well, the filter holder with filter and crema valve can be removed and cleaned well apart. Only the steam nozzle with the plastic attachment be paid more attention when cleaning: under the plastic to milk residues constitute the metal pipe and the steam nozzle itself. Here is a daily cleaning routine should be practiced.

Conclusion: In this price range an interesting machine. Visually appealing it opens the door to an interesting, differentiated coffee.

Personal Addendum: For myself the machine was the "gateway drug". The study of the coffee-making beyond the capsule machines showed me how much there still is behind it. Looking for the right beans I have come also to benefit from high-quality espresso machines. These provide a further significant increased coffee experience - rarely I've been blown away by the flavor of espresso. In the medium term I'll probably upgrade to a 1,000-euro-machine. First, however, a barista course is on the agenda :-)
The machine could trigger such enthusiasm for good coffee, speaks definitely of the product.

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December 22
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