Good, but not perfect

Good, but not perfect

Sony DSC-RX100 II Cyber-shot digital camera (20 megapixels, 3.6x opt. Zoom, 7.6 cm (3 inch) display, Full HD, image stabilized, NFC, WiFi) (Electronics)

Customer Review

The difference between the "old" RX100 and the new RX100M2 is relatively low. The RX100M2 has a flash / hot shoe, a folding screen, WIFI and a new sensor technology that obviously ignorant Sony Copywriter impute the backlighting. In English this technology hoisted backside illumination (BSI), is meant that in this sensor chip, the conductor tracks and connecting the active pixel sensor pixel under the migrate so that more light falls on the active pixels and is sensitive to light it. The effect is almost the same as the sensor would flipped aslo normally underlying active pixels get to the top, so the name backlit. Sony promises 40% better light sensitivity, in practice, however, the maximum is half an f-stop. As the old RX100 also has the new RX100M2 really excellent image quality at the level of about 5 years old DSLR. However, it is sometimes a bit bitchy, close-ups with maximum aperture is not their strength. The relatively large sensor in conjunction with the bright lens, the focal plane is at full aperture is relatively narrow, particularly of course in the vicinity. Seat as the focus point is not one hundred percent, the Picture is not clear. Unfortunately tends the old RX100 as also to the new long often times beside the focus. When the focus, however, sits the picture quality is really very good, at least in the center, because, unfortunately, the lens has a relatively large edge blur. The best results are obtained in wide angle and at medium focal length at telephoto lens lets in terms of sharpness slightly.
Did the "old" RX100 now almost 1 year and have now got the new RX100M2. If they have been the first time in hand is barely noticeable in a change from the old RX100, the folding screen hardly noticeable when worn.

RX100 Made in Japan.
RX100M2 Made in China.

The control ring on the front lens you can now zoom in fixed steps, but the ring still has no detent such as the Canon S100 and also runs more difficult than in the M1 at the RX100M2. So the operation is not really fun. The ring has such a high Losreissmoment that they do not hold liquid him, especially if one wants to use it for focusing manually is a pain.

The new RX100M2 now also has WiFi. I have it connected once with my smartphone (without NFC)
You can enable WiFi via the camera menu, you will see a code, PlayMemories launched in smartphone, enter code and you could see the camera image on the phone screen. By means of two soft keys you can zoom, trigger another. The camera display is then dark, then you can no longer adjust Allerding anything on the smartphone to the camera. So you hold in one hand the smartphone, in the other hand, the camera wobbles around with both and tried to trip over the smartphone. More can not be done, I still wonder why the whole thing should be good.
The FN and playback button and the left part of the scroll wheel are in the M2 heavy to operate because the display is on, thus you have to use the fingernail. The M1 is there something better in your hand.
The multifunction hotshoe I will until further notice can not be used because of the EVF is much too expensive and there is no compact flash unit for the RX100, a shame had to be able to actually ordered using the new M2 is an electronic viewfinder, it had however failed me once about to inquire the price.
The picture quality is almost identical to the old RX100, a direct comparison shows images of M2 appear somewhat saturated but sometimes it is not quite as sharp to me. Higher ISO numbers, the new M2 seems to be a little better, a few direct comparison images I would say so by half the aperture setting.

In conclusion, I would say: the camera is good, but a huge improvement to the old RX100 nor is it because you have to very carefully weigh whether it is worth paying extra.

Update after 3 weeks use:
My first RX100M2 I have returned after 2 weeks. In focal length range between 40 and 50 mm, they had an extreme blur in the right area. Noticeable is that made particularly at maximum aperture at close range. That's not particularly sharp, the RX100 on the screen, is well known, that was not the problem. With my camera blur started right already shortly after the center, toward the edge it was then strangely again sharply. My old RX100 and the then newly appointed second RX100M2 pointed this problem does not occur.
It must be said that the error in the vicinity was mainly noticeable, but I expect at the price, a good-aligned lens therefore went the first camera back fairness.


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