Good idea, like conversion

Good idea, like conversion

Forge of Empires [Game Connect] (Software Download)

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Forge of Empires is vaguely reminiscent of a mix of Civilization and the Anno series, is being implemented but overall not really succeeded.

The player starts with a small tribal house and a few resources. A consultant taking a hand at the awards and smaller jobs that make a principle familiar with the game and the first building houses. Later there are more consultants that give a new jobs in the fields of urban development, research, military and production.

Two resources are needed for the construction of their own development, the recruitment of soldiers and researching technology: Gold and tools. For the construction of buildings in addition inhabitants are required. The construction of buildings and the training of soldiers takes time - sometimes hours. With diamonds - which can be purchased for real money - you can shorten this waiting time.

Gold is produced by residential buildings, depending on the building at different heights and a different period. Is the production of gold finished, it must be collected manually by clicking on the building. It is also in the tools, which are produced in various sites value. Here you can choose in advance what is to be produced. Depending on the choice it takes longer until the production is finished, it is obtained a larger amount. Stupid is that it's worth a lot more in succession to start many small productions, as a large. For the kids there are more tools per minute. This one is almost forced to constantly sit in front of the PC and click - also to constantly collect Gold and tools and re-select the production.

The building you can not just build any number, because the construction area is severely restricted. More building site you have to buy only with gold or diamonds. Since each building must be connected via a road with the town hall and the streets will be credited on the building site, can be very slow to expand the settlement.

In addition, you have to constantly watch out that you will not be attacked by other players, because if they beat one, then they can plunder the production of a building. Goofy, if you had just there for a long time a large production running.

The battles are fought out manually on a hexagon field. However, the combat animations are pretty lame and so takes a single battle before a while. One can also be automatically fight the AI ​​fights tactically but not always good, so you then lose more often.

Incidentally, it also does not help to produce very many troops as you can send only a fixed number of soldiers in a battle. Eight units Schlussm the remaining troops are in the reserve. So you have to explore and produce as soon as possible stronger units. About sheer mass as it gets.

Correct annoying is that it's going on a browser game on Adobe Flash is. The performance is partly shockingly bad, often breaking actions with error message and Hibernation should not be used even more so because the game after re-start the computer this first blocked for several minutes.

The graphics is okay, but tears now also no longer the stool. Animations in their own settlement are in short supply, the battles look like from 10 years ago.

Sound / Music:
The background music is quite soporific, but it is a not too fast on my nerves. The sound effects are minimal. Overall okay.

The game concept spoils a fast fun because you have to sit either 24 hours before the computer, or have to buy for real money regularly diamonds. Otherwise, the game suffers extremely. As could have been more genuinely make out of it. To get the fun of a real game for 10 euros from the software pyramid at the grocery store, you have to spend hundreds of Euros here for diamonds. Too bad!

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