Good LED lamp with slight weaknesses

Good LED lamp with slight weaknesses

NiteCore flashlight LED Revenger - Smart Ring Tactical series, NC SRT7B 960 lumens (tool)

Customer Review

The SRT 7 Revenger is a small performance monster with regard to the light output of a lamp of this size. I operate the lamp with a 18650 battery (3400mAh protected with raised Pol). I can not say whether Flattop batteries performance in this lamp because I myself do not own.


An accessory for SRT 7 this ZIP contains: User manual in English, NiteCore warranty card, a well-crafted holster, a lanyard, belt clip, a Taktikelring, a Ersatzendkappengummi, 2 spare -0-rings and 2 CR123 lithium batteries.


The SRT 7 is very well made. The knurling on battery tube, Tailcap and Smart Ring is properly grip and not sharp. The lamp is thus well and securely in your hand. The thread on the battery tube are clean cut and greased properly. The Clicky on and off the lamp has a clean pressure point and also has the possibility of momentary function. The XM-L2 LED is in the relatively deep reflector clean perfectly centered. Reflector and scattering vagina are worked immaculately and have no optical defects. In reflector even sit 3 more LEDs for red, green and blue light. The Smart Ring for selecting the individual light modes can be turned beautifully soft and snaps into the corresponding positions fed and with an audible click.


Thanks to the smart ring the SRT 7 is very user-friendly and can be easily manage with one hand. After switching on the Clicky can now via Smart Ring the desired light modes can be selected (the light modes can be even when the lamp is on in advance before selecting and then are immediately available when switching on). If the Smart Ring fully counterclockwise so a bark signal is activated which can briefly light the lamp every 2 seconds. Then it goes right around further with the following modes: blue-red alternating flashing ala American patrol car, blue (hunting use), then green (map reading), then red LED light (received the night vision), standby mode, followed by continuous brightness increase to max. Lumens and last strobe for tactical use. If the smart ring in standby mode so this is when the Clicky by a short flash of the little red LED outdoor display on the lamp head. This occurs every 2 seconds.

Light image:

The SRT 7 has a beam length of about 300 meters according to the manufacturer. Whether this value is true, I have not measured it, but at a distance of 150-200 meters can be objects very nice break from the darkness. The beam of light is really successful for this size and in spite of these almost throwermäßigen property a very good environment illumination is also achieved. Fascinating to this lamp I find the opportunity, thanks to smart ring to adjust the light output of the lamp with one hand from zero to 960 lumens continuously, without any annoying clicking but, very nice. However, the colored LED's emit a rather faded photograph without Beam and short range. For orientation First Step is sufficient but all times from (reach / headlight range 5m).

Why 1 star deduction:

In my copy of the blue, green and red light can not be selected clean. You have to Samrtring always turn back a tiny piece otherwise a mode is always skipped. However, this is only the colored LED's the case. Otherwise, the lamp is working properly.


Small handy LED lamp with high power and long range. The only thing that could sour belching here is the price of the lamp. Around 100 are certainly not chicken feed for one or the other. But I would buy it again because I just find the operating concept just super.
Thank you for reading this review and for your time.

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